connection problem....please help
  • im having real problems connecting to other people in Madden11,it seems that i can only connect to say 3 in 10 people.i know instantly when i cant connect to someone at the choose teams and playbook page.the people i cant connect to ALWAYS show up as the miami dolphins,this even happens to people on my friend i know they are not using the phins.
    i have spent hours on the phone to my IP trying to sort this out,my connection is good and have had all the necessary ports opend on my belkin router,tried a DMZ,and still no joy.

    can anyone give me some advice please

  • Sounds like a lack of wi-fi signal getting picked up by the PS3, making for a lacklustre connection. As an experiment, try connecting via ethernet cable to see if this improves things.
  • i am connected with cable from ps3 to router
  • In that case the issue is either your isp is unable to give adequate bandwidth or the router is at fault. Check Belkin's site to see if they have any firmware updates for that model of router.
  • ok thanks,i will try this out
  • is there anything i or my ISP can do to improve my bandwidth to make it more adequate???
  • Other than an upgrade to a faster provider, most likely not. If there was no firmware upgrade available to the router about the only other thing you could try is another (newer) router.
  • my provider is BT,im not really sure how good or bad they are?