Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS3)
  • Ok, guys and gals, let's hear your thoughts on the latest Need For Speed game coming out this week on the PS3!
  • I'm very much surprised no one has been saying anything yet about this one.

    Hot Pursuit takes the classic game and throws in enough touches from Burnout: paradise (they are made by the same developers, after all) to make one of the best entries in the nfs series yet. Whether playing as the po-po or a racer there is lots to do and unlock (or just free ride and check out the tracks).

    If you like racing games definitely pick this one up!
  • Really enjoying this. I bought GT5 and got bored of it after a week so traded it for this.

    Great atmosphere, great cars, and the added incentive of your friends times posted up for you to try and beat.

    Loving it, and Lyndon, will you please stop beating my times...
  • Seeing as you asked so nicely, Don..... Heck no! :p
  • lol...thats just rude!
  • OMG....I absolutely LOVE this game!

    I always seem to be battling Lyndon for times, and Pokerdon as well. I love the game-play, graphics, everything about this game is an absolute winner!

    Single player, is all an absolute blast! The addition of the Autolog add a new dimension of challenge for the players who can still "compete" with their friends even if they aren't online at the same time. Although I sure do seem to spend a lot of time chasing after Lyndon and Pokerdon's times.

    I think I am pointing the wrong way.

    Just an fantastic game that I have quickly become addicted to. I think this is the only game I have played since picking it up last week or so.

    Highly, highly recommended!!
  • It is good Wade, have seen your times, am getting a bit nervous. What with you and Lyndon beating me all the time, i am developing a nervous twitch!!!!
  • Loooool

    Hey Don, when are you usually's be cool to get you, me and Lyndon in a few games online.
  • Got it pre-owned so not bought the online pass yet, have a 2 day free trial i haven't used yet though.

    What time's best for you, for me it would be around 10pm Saturdays (GMT)
  • It is the best game in the world to me. My favorite car is the Dodge Viper ACR:D