• can only knock down 2
  • I have no clue what game you are talking about. :huh:
  • sorry, ty the tasmanian tiger
  • also, in the same game(ty)the bat in cass pass
  • The order to hit the icicles is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue.

    To take out Shadow you need to hit the switch under neath her to release the steam and burn her a bit. Keep doing this as you progress deeper into the cave. Eventually she'll be defeated and you get the talisman.
  • Thanks on the order of icicles. Unfortunately, when I shoot at it, it only lets me hit the yellow and green ones. It won't hit any others. I've used all the rangs I have: zoom, flame, boom, multi, zap, freeze, etc.
    Also, the second switch with the bat is seemingly impossible(first one is easy). I have tried to hit it while standing on the top pipes to the left of her, on the white mound dog-legged from her, stood on the railings, switched out the rangs....Gaah!!!!