Buzz Quiz world how to upload a photo?.
  • Hi everyone.
    I want to know if there is a way to upload my photo in Buzz Quiz world. And if this happens can I make my avatar inside the game having my face on it???
    I already have a camera from PS3 move on my machine if this is the only way to take a picture.
  • I'm afraid you can't use your photo to customize your face- you're stuck with the avatars as they are in game. As for uploading photos, I would have thought details of that would be in the manual (which i don't have here).
  • Ok Thank you.

    There is something strange inside the game, sometimes while choosing your avatar, there are some shaded faces that they look like ready to put a photo on them, but you cannot select them.

    That's why I asked.
  • Those are open spots for more avatars to be unlocked, I would think.