PSOne won't load games
  • Hi,

    I've recently bought a second hand PSOne (trying to build up a collection of old consoles!).

    My problem is this:

    The PSOne boots fine, however when I insert ANY game disc (even from my own working collection of discs) it doesn't start the game. The disc spins for a while then, nothing, it slowly stops. The console stays at the "Memory card/Music player" menu.

    However when I insert a MUSIC disc it reads and plays it fine (I assume that means the laser lens is ok? That seems to be a common problem).

    I noticed that the music player brings up two tracks occasionally when a game disc is in (if this is important at all). And once when inserting a disc it asked me to insert the Playstation Format Disc!

    Its not a huge problem, I still have my PS2 to play the games that came with this console but just to have a collection of *working* consoles I'd like to fix it.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • You would need to et the disc drive replaced, JayJay. That one can't read the games and it's just a matter of time before it fails further and not be able to read music either.
  • Thanks Lyndon. Strange thing happened, I inserted a music disc, read it fine and played the music. Ejected the disc, inserted Dino Crisis 2 (damn right!) and it booted it and I could play!

    Very strange, but as you said it seems the drive is on its way out, it hung whilst loading R-Type Delta once, was fine after a restart. So just a matter of time it seems.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi,
    I'm having the same problem and was wondering whether is it possible to buy a replacement disc drive and replace it your self? If not where does do the disc drive replacement and how much should you expect it to be??

    My ps1 has been chipped so am not sure if that would alter its ability to be fixed or the price to be fixed...

    Any help is appreciated,
  • Having that chip in there is part of the reason your system is dying. That, along with the ability to play illegal copied games, is why we at API do not condone or support the use of mod chips.

    Also, we do not provide commercial links to the sites that would carry the drives as those same sites would also carry the mod chips. A search for PSOne Parts will let you find those sites on your own.
  • Thanks i bought it second hand, but it is all good now as i have just got a ps1 slimline that works and have no chip :)