Fat PS2 Laser Issues
  • I have a PS2 SCPH 30001 V1 that I bought used for $20. I wanted a console, and when I tried to play it, it didn't run any games. So I opened it up, and adjusted the laser angle and it worked. However, when I tried to play a game today, it didn't work. It also started to make a strange grinding sound when I turned it on, and the laser itself won't move. When it worked yesterday, the disks spun fine, and there weren't any issues. I moved it this morning, and it doesn't work now. It almost seems like the laser guide arm isn't grabbing, or the motor doesn't run very well. The worm drive motor also makes the weird grinding noise. What are your reccomendations?
  • At least you aren't out much money on that used system. Best to just scrap that and pick up a new PS2- looking for repairs on the drive for that would be close to the same price in the end.
  • Bummer. Well, I'll try to get my money back, and if that doesn't work, convert my games so that I can run them on a spare hard drive. Thanks for the help.