Old yet New
  • Hello!
    I'm not a new member but... I've been away sooooo long that I forget my password :huh: (Sigh)
    Just want to say hi to everyone, again for some, I guess :)
    How's thing going?
  • Well, I guess welcome back... But as you can see, the site is actually pretty dead. :( Most people that come on this site now are just looking for help with their games. Kinda sad because this was my first forum.
  • Welcome back, maybe this is what we need , old new members LOL!!!

    The site is quiet but the same few keep plugging away, Wade, Lyndon etc.

    I try, but don't always succeed.
  • Bloody hell, just realised its almost 4 YEARS since i registered on this forum!!!
  • Only 4 years? pffffffffffffft- frikkin noob!:p I've been kicking it here since 1995- I'm into 16 years here! (Now I feel old :eek: ).

    Always great to see some of the older members making a comeback- hopefully we can get more coming around to liven things up again. As Red mentioned, most of the newer members tend to just ask tech questions about their games/ systems and not even try to join into the discussions. :(
  • Aww why all the sad face, it's great to see old faces :D
    Hi Lyndon, I remember you tried help me with a Oblivion problem, haha :p
    This is my first forum too :)
  • YAY!!! Another of the "Old Guard" showing up.

    Member by member, post by post, AP still lives on...and we hope to see your friendly face a bit more here to help keep things alive!