Ps2 help for Gran turismo 4 getting stuck
  • I bought gran turismo 4 and, ive got the a and b licene, but when i do the second race on capri rally on special conditions it gets stuck. I come 1st then it comes up with a red circle coming up, ive looked on the internet it says it cant read the disk, It also said that it gets stuck more with slim consoles which i have, so can somebody give me advice of what to do?
  • Take a soft cloth (preferably microfiber, like one uses for their iPod or a computer screen) and wipe the disc bottom going from the center outwards to the edge-don't wipe around the disc following the grooves.

    If cleaning the disc doesn't help then check it for scratches- if there is a scratch this can keep the PS2 from being able to read the disc. These can be resurfaced for a small charge, you'd have to check around locally for someone that does this.

    If there are no scratches and the disc cleaning doesn't help then the PS2 itself is the culprit. The laser in the disc drive may be starting to go, in which case it would be repairs time on it. You'd have to contact Sony on that one.
  • i think it might be the laser, it might need cleaning?
  • or it could be the disk?
  • I covered both options in my reply, jjjumper. Try cleaning the disc first and see if it works. If it doesn't, check for any bad scratches on the disc which could make it hard to read by the system. If neither works, your PS2's disc drive is starting to die and will need repairs by Sony.
  • done clening it, and lookin for scrachers
  • Every other game works but not gran turismo 4, cleaned the lens, no bad scratchers, i dont understand how 1 game doesnt work, yet all the others do work
  • iv done the lens , it still wont work??
  • The last thing I can suggest is take your disc and your memory card to a friend's place to try the game in their PS2. If the game does the same thing on it then the disc is at fault- if it doesn't it is the system.