What games do you WANT to play?
  • This is like Wade's "What games are you currently playing", but for the games you WANT to play. Either are already out and you don't have, or that are coming out.

    Here's my top two that I want:
    Portal 2
    Infamous 2
  • A couple of games I am eagerly awaiting to play are InFamous 2, Batman: Arkham City and Uncharted 3.

    I'm going to move this and the "what are you playing" threads to the PlayStation Discussion area seeing as General is supposed to be for non-game talk. ;)
  • I'm waiting for Ace Combat assault horizon, Uncharted 3, NFS shift 2

    and so ^^

    yeah didn't like infamous in the first place to wait for another one ^_^
  • Stacking, knows about it through Wade's intro :)
    Hunted - the demon's forge, not too sure about the title
    Mass Effect 3 :D :D
  • Ace Combat is doing another installment? Great. Now I need to find some more money:rolleyes:
  • Of those games that are currently out that I would like to get, these are the ones:

    image image
  • Over this coming weekend I am hoping to buy Dead Island, but we will have to see how occupied I get with the new, free downloadable content that came out for Red Dead Redemption today, September 13th!

    As for games that I am wanting to buy that are not yet out, would have to be:
    - Uncharted 3
    - Skyrim
  • One more to add to my list of games to check out is Need For Speed: The Run. Going to be interesting to see how this game works out with the racing and some out-of-car action as well.
  • Again, interested about playing Resistance 3, i saw the trailer and it's AWESOME !