Did the World end yesterday...I missed it!
  • Well.....here I am, I guess I missed the Rapture, dang it. :huh:
  • I died... but then I respawned. Unfortunately, since they switch around the spawns, I spawned somewhere in a field about a mile from my house...
  • Could have been worse, Red- may have respawned in the middle of the ocean. :p
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Could have been worse, Red- may have respawned in the middle of the ocean. :p

    Well that's true. But at least I had marathon pro ;)
  • Ah my Doomsday was pretty good. Woke up, made some coffee, watched a little TV. Went to the store, bought some food. Then the earth opened up and swallowed me. I was falling into a giant lake of fire but thanks to my natural ability to transform into iron man, i flew out of the huge pit. Then a giant tentacle grabbed me and threw me into a Duncan Donuts store. Bought 2 donuts and went back to my apartment and watched the rest of Good Morning America. Overall i was pretty dissappointed, i was expecting something dynamic to happen that day. :unsure:
  • I spent the whole afternoon in public library and dozed off at some point... or maybe I died and was resurrected by the God of Books, hehe :D
    Hooray we all lived! :cool:
  • world must have ended cause now we are in purgatory -- ooops my mistake still in usa with Obama as president (same thing as purgatory)

  • I had to work overtime that day and as soon as we got there a fire drill went off and we had to evacuate a large Wells Fargo building. I was like "Well I guess we really might die today" but it never came. I wonder if that guy was standing in his yard waiting to be beamed up or something.