Whats wrong with scarface on PS3
  • Im playing scarface the world is yours on my PS3 and no matter what I do the Pedros Pawn Shop delivery mission is impossible theres simply not enough time. I dont know whats going on here, but it makes no sense. Is there away around this or a cheat to make it possible ?:confused:
  • It's nothing to do with playing it on the PS3, it's just a very frustrating mission. Do your best to keep the cop heat down and follow the instructions and all will go ok.
  • Is the timer suppose to start as soon as your conversation ends with pedro ? I dont think you understand I am not even coming close on this mission and I've already done the drive in and cigar shop no problem, but now the game is useless to me cause I cant do anything else Im already at reputation level 4..... :confused:
  • Yeah, once the conversation ends just run as fast as you can to the van.
  • how can i download scarface to my ps3? please someone help me!!
  • You can't, riick. It isn't available for download.