PSN Error Code 8002AD23 Help!
  • Hi soz think i sent this msg to playstation 1 help last time!

    For about 2 weeks now i have had a problem with the Playstation 3 Network, i can log in and play online for a limited amount of time, sometimes longer than others, before i get signed out of the Playsation 3 Network with the message;

    ''An Error has occured you have been signed out of the Playsation 3 Network

    As soon as it signs me out i can sign in again straight away with no problem, but will eventually be signed out again with the same message as above.

    I have the latest System Software Update and the latest updates for the only 2 games i play online with; Fifa 09 1.0 (i think it is) and Call of Duty: World at War 1.1 (i think it is). I have even tried playing online with the Media Server Connection Disabled and Enable and still get signed out!

    My internet connection has full signal strength and can use the internet in my house at all times during and after gettin signed out of the Playstaion 3Network!

    What can i do to fix this (if it can be fixed)??
    Will i need to buy a new PS3? Because i simply do not have the money and if i do buy a new PS3 what are the chances of this problem occuring again?

    Thanks for your time and you help will be much appreciated!

  • Your problems can be fixed with some settings tweaks in the router and probably the PS3. If you haven't done so yet, go into the router and set up the port forwarding. You'll find the ports needed as well as a link to a page that guides on how it is done in the thread pinned to the top of this section.

    You may also want to tweak the PS3's settings to include as much information as possible (router IP address, subnet mask, DNS Server addresses). Giving both devices as much info as possible about each other will make it much easier for them to communicate.
  • Like this just happened to me when I downloaded the 2 new Ames tht were free in the psn store and Ive never had this problem but can u explain it a little bit easier for me? I'm thinkin bout haveing to sell my
    ps3 cuz of this problem
  • That's going a bit extreme when all that you need to do is adjust some settings in your router and the PS3's connection settings.

    If you had been gaming online before and this has just happened you may just need to give your router a "reboot" (unplug the power to it for about 30 seconds then start it up again).
  • I've tryed tht but for some reason it it still logs
    me out every ten min. I don't know why but it always shows my router connection is good but I'm not a master at routors so if I need to do some stuff to it just fix my problem, I'm gonna need some directions. It would be help full.
    Thank you for your time....
  • Yah I just tryed what u told me and i only stated logged in for ten minutes again..for some reason I've at least been logged of 30-40 time n the last 4 days cuz I've tried and tried but nothin works
  • Sounds like something (or someone) is taking all of the bandwidth or a bad wireless connection. Is this a wireless connection and, if so, what sort of percentage does that show on the PS3?
  • It is wireless but my percentage is 75-about 100 percent connected it shows
  • Thank u for ur help I really appricated it alot...wht my problem was I never did update my system and I did it and I didn't sign out anymore
    but if I do again I will definitely come back I said thank u for ur help!
  • hi everyone...
    this is the 4th forum that ive just registered myself to just because ive got this stupid 8002ad23 error. ive tried everything..... disabled my media server connection, restarted my ps3, restarted my wireless hub (d-link), downloaded the latest update on my console, yet nothing worked im still getting signed out like every 3 minutes. If anyone knows what this error actually means and how to solve it, please help!
    i rele waana go on blops again :)
  • Alex, try giving the PS3 (or your router) a firmware update if available.

    Sony's code checker (linked to in one of the threads at the top of this section ;) )says that code means your internet connection is too busy due to high traffic, preventing you from making the connection. They recommend rebooting the PS3 and try again and, if that doesn't work, to try again at a later time when things may not be as busy.
  • I was having the same network issues as well. I updated my router firmware and for now everything seems to be fixed. If I have this problem come back I will respond again.
  • This happened to me too around March time when it just happend randomly. From all the posts I have read all over the net about this issue, nobody has replaced their router?? or have they....?

    I have a Dlink DIR 615 Router & Virgin BB 50MB FIBRE and have tried everything you could possibly think of (apart from a firmare upgrade on the router) - Wired/Wireless, Static/Dynamic IP's, Media Server on/off, UPnP on/off, DMZ, Port forwarding, different DNS addresses, QoS scheduling on router, ping tests.... the list goes on

    Today I tried a different router, a netgear one, and was not signed out once! One whole hour of idle time and not a hitch. I then switched back to the old router and was signed out within 15 mins. I was not playing a game either.

    I have since reconnected the 'new' router (dynamic IP) and played 4 games of Fifa12 and a good 1 hour of Black Ops, with no random sign outs.

    I hope this helps someone as believe me I know how it feels when your doing so well in a game and then... boooom, 8002AD23.

    I hope I've seen the back of it......