• G'day all, i just signed up, and I'm a little confused on how the PS3 works and all...

    I'm sorry if its in the wrong part of the forum also.

    (I have the Original PS3, that can Play PS2 games).
    I live in Australia and its PAL / Region 4. Were slow here in getting games like RE2/Nemesis etc on the PSN store. I see the China is also PAL. Would my PS3 be able to play games from China? Or I'm all out of luck? Thanks in advance...
  • As far as PS3 games are concerned, most definitely, as well as any downloadables from the PlayStation Store there. The one tricky bit is you'd have to find a source for Chinese PSN cards to fund that wallet. Also, any add-ons for games there (whether for PSN titles or disc) will just work for the Chinese version of the game The downloads from the Aussie store wouldn't work on games from the Chinese store.
  • Cool thanks, yes there is a place, that sells it. So glad to hear I can download Chinese PS1 games.
  • hi i have two questions (1) i was wondering where can i download ps1 games on my ps3 system (2) i was wondering on wild arms 2 how do i get my equipment from the end of the game to the beginning