BlackBerry users...?
  • So yeah, got my stupid-face blackberry curve that freezes every time i wanna check a broadcast LOL. So i wonder..any Blackberry users on the forum..? Just to get rid of sheer boredom.

    If you do:
    type down your Pin & your display name. ;)

  • Your Blackberry shouldn't be freezing up like that. Sounds like you should try doing a clean re-install of the OS through the desktop manager.
  • Well my OS was installed by the desktop manager which really was helpful. Maybe caused by the installment of many software's updates and things like that ?
  • More likely there was a bit of incompatibility going there with the Blackberry's OS and one (or more) of the apps you have on there. Always a good idea to do a back up once in a while if going for more apps in future, just in case this happens again.

    Also, before you ask, I don't have a Blackberry myself but I work at a call center doing tech support for cell phones. :p
  • I did have a Blackberry a few years ago. It wasn't all that awesome in my opinion. Mainly because it kept freezing. I've since updated my plan and switched to a Motorola Blur...which is pretty good for Facebook, but not all that convenient for much else.
  • Well, Back to the matter at hand, inviting contacts lol.

    so the freezing problem was solved. As for Melinda, i never liked the blackberry in the first place, just bought it to be in touch with the family and friend. It didn't have any software that worth buying a BB for.

    thanks for passing by anyway.