• Hello everyone. First post here :D. Ive been trying to google my problem for some time now, with no luck to an answer.

    The problem is, after moving the router from my bedroom to the main floor (Im on the 3rd floor) my ps3 wont connect to the wireless connection. I automatically assumed it to be because the strength was to weak but the ps3 is reading the signal strength at 100 percent. So the first question would be can the ps3 wireless read a signal strength wrong and would it be that far off?
    Various things I have tried to do.
    1. Reset router numerous times, power cycled etc.
    2. Added ps3 mac address in the routers mac allowed list.
    3. Checked a million times to ensure the key is correct.
    4. Tried to disable media server (Which I do need because I love my ps3 media server)
    5. Tried disabling UPnP
    6. Tried different channels on the router. Not all of them but a couple.
    7. Yes it works with a Ethernet cable.
    8. I am going to bring it downstairs closer to the router to see if that's the problem.. *UPDATE* Works flawlessly on main floor
    9. I made sure to use custom settings opposed to "Easy"

    Additional Info:
    About every 1 in 10 tries it gets passed the "Failed to obtain a IP address" and "Timed out in key exchange" error. And gets a connection but fails to communicate with my ps3 media server or log on PSN.

    I have a SMC8014WN wireless router.

    Router WPA Mode: Auto (WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK) ... Not too sure how sensitive the PS3is to this setting or any other settings my router allows me to change. If you need more info on my router settings just ask. I only post this one because I recall reading somewhere PS3 doesn't accept certain modes...

    The router shows the PS3 in the LAN client log as "currently connected"

    Settings and connection status list in the PS3 network settings shows me as connected to the wireless network and with a 100 percent. But when attempting to "test" the connection it fails on IP obtain.

    And for those that suggest that I move my router back to my room , I cant because then the roommate in the basement cant connect!

    I think I got everything here if not Ill add later. If any one has experienced something similar and has figured what the heck is wrong please let me know. Any thoughts and suggestions would be great. Off to go test this with the ps3 sitting right next to the router. Ill post back.

    **Update** So now that I know it works flawlessly on the main floor, where the router is. The question remains to as why the PS3 reads 100 percent signal strength in my room on the third floor but cant connect properly. The only thing I can think of is interference on the channel maybe? We do have a cordless phone in the house but it rarely gets used and I'm sure it would only interfere if it was being used. Anyone know of any other devices that cause interference with wifi? Other than a microwave because that as well isn't causing it.
  • It may be reading 100% signal strength but it is very much possible that the signal is being partially blocked by having to go between floors. One cordless phone wouldn't cause that much interference unless it was somewhat close to the router.

    My suggestion is to pick up a repeater to place somewhere on the second floor. This would relay the signal to your PS3's location (making for a stronger signal) and you would be able to leave the router where it is to let the roommate connect. This can be had any place selling routers.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I understand the whole distance issue of it. And would of most likely just let it go if the PS3 read a weak signal. But showing 100 percent gave me hope. So after trying multiple different things , I finally found a channel that gives me wicked sick connection and no problems thus far. Not to sure how long that's going to last. But hopefully this fixes it. If not then I will have to go out and buy a repeater. So let that be a lesson lol if you got a good signal and still cant connect , good chance its interference on the channel.
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