Metal Gear Solid 2:substance
  • Well, we PS2 owner's really thought we had one up on microsoft nuts, because we had something they didn't. MGS2.

    But lo! and behold for Microsoft has announced Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.

    Essentially the same as MGS2, except with a few new features such as playing through the WHOLE game with several different characters, including, of course, Snake. And it featured an extensive VR training section with hundreds of unseen VR missions with Snake or Raiden. (Snake V Raiden anybody)

    So now what have us PS2 owners got to laugh at Xbox freaks?
  • Well, we can laugh at thier stupidness... :blink:
    It's totally understandable that Konami would want to earn more money by going cross-platform, but they should really think about us gamers and our bragging rights :(

    Now, we still have GT3 don't we, and I know FF is going to GC, but is it going to X-box as well?

    Well, this is slightly disturbing news. If this topic ever comes up in a conversation with an X-box 'freak', looks like all us PS2 owners can do is kick 'em in the nuts and run :wacko:
  • I heard MGS2: Substance would also be released for PS2. So we still have that. We also ahve braggin rights to: GT3, Red Faction,(come on Geo-Mod! Halo doesn't have that!) RE:CVX, (i heard GC's Code Veronica doesn't have the extra scenes with Wesker fighting) and Ico. Plus we have some other games: Armored Core, ZOE, Greatest Hits, Dark Cloud, and many more. So when that X-box fan comes a knockin' just tell him about all the great games we have and THEN kick him in the balls and run...heh heh...
  • You are so right Mengsk...It will be on the PS2 as well....just later than it will be out on the Xbox. It's been scheduled for.....well you can read about all that right here. That's info that i got from E3...more info should be released in late June or early July. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I personally dont care if Xbox is getting MGS2 : Substance, what i want to know - if Substance is essentially MGS2 with VR missions, can we MGS2 owners get the VR missions seperately. Or are we expected to fork out for the whole game just for the missions ?

    I dont know about you folks , but i feel cheated.

    (it seems to me that every previous PS2 game thats coming out on the Xbox has extra features)
  • Tanner, Substance doesn't just include 100's of new VR misson packed into the old game, but from what I have read and seen, includes a whole new story line with Snake only. It is sort of like this: The Sons Of Liberty game, but you are also getting hundreds of different missions to keep your self happy for ages.

    We can laff at those X-Box ppl like this: HA!
    They have hardly any good games, the best game probably being Halo, but most of the rest are totally cr@p. They are not using their platform specifications to the fullest. Tut-tut Microsoft.

    I also found some screen shots,goto this link to see more:Metal Gear Solid: Substance
  • The Xbox isn't that bad peeps. MGS2S isn't just VR missions and no you can't get them separate....This is going to have alot of extras....It will be worth it and by the time it's released...the standard pricing for PS2 games will be $39.99 so it'll end up being a good price. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I have to agree with Mengsk, Xbox may have it's graphics & 16-player Halo deathmatches but the PS2 has the variety, loads of quality games such as GT3 and Red faction (Which is friggin impossible on hard mode, don't even bother with the aptly named 'impossible' mode!).

    i know because my Uncle owns a games rental shop and lets me rent 1 game a week free so trust me, these are kick-ass games.
    And as for MGS2:Substance, I had no idea that it would be on PS2 and now I'm not sure whether to buy it or not as I already own MGS2. Is it worth it? If you ask me, I think you'd be better to keep your money for the likes of Tekken 4, Virtua fighter 4 and FFX. Take that Xbox
  • I think I'll buy MGS2-substance, even though I allready own MGS2... Kick@ss extra's, that's why... VR missions... I've seen pics of Snake skating (THPS style)... Sweeeet... And play the whole game as Snake... I heard it would not be the same game, but the Snake parts... So you'll see what Snake does when you don't see him in the original MGS2... Including the ending against Ocelot/Liquid...
    Everything I just said is not comfirmed or taken from a official website, so I may not be completly right... But if I am, I must have that game... :)
  • Snake skating? Oh. My. God. Are you sure that wasn't THPS3? And as for playing the game with snake through the 'unseen' bits. that would be pretty cool. Can you imagine doing the Raiden-Harrier fight from a mounted machine gun in the Kasatka? Maybe.
  • Who cares if they get it? X Box only has like 2 good games and the rest suck. We can laugh that they have to copy us ps2 gamers just to be good. They cant make their own good games, they have to copy us! Ps2 is still the best system around. Not only do we have better games, we've got more! We have all the current ps2 games, plus, we have the ps1 games still. They barely have any. In conclusion, Xbox sucks, ps2 rules! If they think differently, kick em in the balls and run!

    B) :D