• i'm playing the game for the second time now, and when i got to raiden i've noticed thet on the ration icon in my invetory there's a red bug (like those thet running on the floor). what does it means ? is it eating my rations ? or maybe restoring it ?
    any body knows ?

  • You picked him up while crawling around in the ducts in the first area-he is eating your rations.To get rid of him highlight the rations in the item menu and then quickly shake the menu up-this will get rid of it.
  • hmm... thet's funny, when i played on hard i crowled in the same place and nothing happend, now i'm on easy and it's happening...
    thanks, i'll shake the little basterd out of my bags.
  • They don't always get in your rations. It's pretty random so all you can do is if you crawl anywhere near bugs then check your rations. Also if you stand in an area with bugs then they can also crawl on you. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:

  • This is exactly what happened to me when i crawled aroud near the #### roaches and i had no clue why my rations where going down but then after awhile i figured out what the problem was and done what Lyndon said. Pretty cool touch to the game me thinks :)
  • I noticed these parasites all over the floor in the one area and wondered what there purpose was, luckily they didn't get me.
    It sounds pretty cool when you walk on them tho' - crunch crunch, heh heh
  • when raiden meet snake for the first time, the bug thet crowling out of his clothes it's a clue thet snake is the one thet entered the same way as raiden. this is the main part of the bugs i think.
    i enjoyed desposing of them, where emma is afraid to cross them, with the c4. bugs salad...
  • [quote] they look even better when there on ur game screen after uv lanched a grenade at them!!!!!!
  • This has never happened to me before but I do love killing them with machine guns!
  • I use my stinger or grenade launcher. If you stay in first person mode after shooting them, their squashed little body hits you in the face. I love killin em!