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Sony Playstation PSone game console help, cheats and information

We have been providing coverage of the original Playstation 1 since 1995. You might also know it as:

  • PSone
  • Playstation1
  • PSX

We have a team of experts ready to give you any help you need with this game console, all you need to do is ask. We specialise in:

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free playstation games

Peter Pan Playstation Game
YOU CAN FLY…..YOU CAN FLY….YOU CAN FLY! Peter Pan and his pals are making their debut on the Playstation Console.

LMA Manager 2002 Playstation Game
The greatest soccer management game on the PSOne, is back for it’s second sequel. LMA Manager 2002, and it’s better than ever!

FIFA 2002 Playstation Game
The ever-popular soccer series is back, with better graphics, new features, updated stats… and finally, better gameplay!

Monsters Inc Playstation Game
Complimenting the Disney movie, gameplay is rich with 3D platform action, puzzle solving, and challenging races.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Playstation Game
Enroll in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to become Harry himself as he trains to become a wizard.

The Italian Job Playstation Game
Steal $4,000,000 in gold bullion and then escape through the busy streets of Turin right under the noses of the Italian mafia.

Power Diggerz Playstation Game
Smash it, crash it, dig it and dump it... possibly the craziest game ever created allows sees you controlling a huge digger in some weird events.

Arc The Lad Collection Playstation Game
A classic turn-based strategy title that pits you against the forces of evil on a quest of epic proportions is what lay ahead. Chapters 1-2 and Arena reviewed.

Spider-Man 2 Playstation Game
The wall crawling web slinger is back and this time he aims to kick twice as much butt as the last game.

NBA Shootout 2001 Playstation Game
This version could be Sony’s last chance to finish top of the PSone hoop league.

K1 Grand Prix Playstation Game
K-1 Grand Prix is an attempt to recreate the most demanding martial arts fighting tournament in the world.

Chicken Run Playstation Game
A group of chickens attempt to break out of their confinement in a style that’s often been associated to the classic war film The Great Escape.

Blade Playstation Game
Baring many similarities to Fighting Force 2 and the Die Hard series of games, this is a 3rd Person action shooter.

Mega Man X5 Playstation Game
Mega Man is back, this time in a good old 2D side-scrolling action game and he has 16 hours to save the Earth from destruction.

Liberogrande International Playstation Game
Become a key member of a soccer team and actually experience the thrill of the game from a single players perspective.

Smurf Racer Playstation Game
Smurf your engines! Everyone's favorite enchanted blue characters are back in their own kart-racing game.

Triple Play Baseball Playstation Game
This game has the new stadiums in use for 2001 and all the active rosters as well. Get ready and start your season.

Spec Ops Ranger Elite Playstation Game
The sequel to Stealth Patrol, this shooter sees the troops step out once again looking for trouble, taking on Terrorism, and nuclear destruction.

Kiss Pinball Playstation Game
Kiss Pinball is an attempt at classic arcade pinball, but will it stack up to the addictive gameplay of days gone past, or give an early TILT..?

Panzer Front Playstation Game
Go back in time to World War II and experience the excitement and danger of the battlefield in one of 38 unique US, Russian or German tanks.

Goofys Fun House Playstation Game
Roam Goofy’s house and see what you can find. Look high and low, there is no place you can’t go. Find the goodies and receive the rewards.

Motocross Mania Playstation Game
Throttle twisting fun with tons of racing and freestyle action on high-performance bikes that let you ride everything from big supercross double jumps to huge outdoor gaps.

In Cold Blood Playstation Game
Your mission is to infiltrate a plant in the Soviet republic to rescue an American CIA agent. Gather data, but dont get caught. Good luck !

Final Fantasy Chronicles Playstation Game
PlayStation gamers can at last step back in time and experience two of the greatest Role Playing Adventures ever made: Final Fantasy 4 and Chrono Trigger.

Atlantis the Lost Empire Playstation Game
Join Milo and his friends on a journey into the deepest seas, battle the forces of nature and outwit the bad-boys of the underwater world.

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