Title: Power Diggerz   Developer: Taito   Type: Kids Fun
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Power Diggerz
"Smash it, crash it, dig it and dump it... possibly the craziest game ever created allows sees you controlling a huge digger in some weird events that range from smashing up cars to rescuing turtles from a swimming pool..!"
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Smash it, crash it, dig it and dump it, 15 tonnes of utter mayhem makes it way onto PS1 in the form of Power Diggerz. Brought to you by JVC and developed by Taito you will discover just how good it feels to wreck things. You can Learn to drive mechanical diggers the unique Japanese way in a multitude of bizarre events ranging from making soup to rescuing turtles.

An arcade hit in Japan, Power Diggerz puts all you closet construction workers to the test. Demolish, dig, scoop and load in a variety of tests that will have you swinging great chunks of hydraulic metal in a symphony of chaos and mayhem. A choice of vehicles and tasks makes Power Diggerz an ideal title for kids both young and old. This is the game for all of you who walk by building sites craving to be let loose on a JCB digger !!

Builders crack?, plenty of it to be had here as you go up against the clock under pressure to perform.

o Totally original gameplay and concept.

o A multitude of options featuring a huge variety of minigames for

both 1 and 2 player, and a comprehensive training mode.

o The money you earn in the game can be used to unlock vehicles

and other extras.

o Option to build your own obstacle course and save it to memory