Title: Spider-Man 2   Developer: Activision   Type: Action Platform
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Spider-Man 2
"The wall crawling web slinger is back and this time he aims to kick twice as much butt as the last game using all-new web attacks, costumes and fighting combos. "
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In Spider-Man 2 players take on the role of Marvelís legendary super hero, swinging and webbing their way across New York in a whole new episode of evil.

The mission? To thwart the plans of the powerful Electro and stop his doomsday device before itís fully created. All-new web attacks, costumes and fighting combos make Spider-Man more versatile than ever.

Peter Parker was orphaned at an early age and went to live with his elderly Aunt and Uncle in New York. He grew up with a real talent for the Sciences. In fact, it was at a demonstration of a new radiation technology where a spider crept into the beam of radiation, fell, and bit Peter\\'s hand - forever changing our erstwhile genius. Later, when a car almost hit young Parker, he leaped without thinking, up high and onto the side of a building, where he stuck like a spider. Indeed, he had gained the powers of a spider: Spider-Strength (the ability to lift or press 10 tons), Spider-Speed (the ability to move and react several times faster than an ordinary human), Spider-Grip (the ability to walk on walls and ceilings), and Spider-Sense (an early warning alert of potential danger). The combination of these amazing abilities, as well as all his equipment, make him one of the most powerful, dynamic, and undefeatable heroes of all time!

Max Dillion has one of those good old fashion origins. The man who would be Electro was repairing a downed power line, in the middle of a thunderstorm, when he is struck by lightning. Somehow, Dillon gained super-powers, the ability to generate and project an electrical charge of enormous intensity. Using his newfound electrical powers for crime, Dillion adopts the name Electro. Electro has probably the greatest variety of powers of any spider-villain, and he very well may know it. In the past he has been able to use his powers to augment his strength, fly, and control machinery. This led to his first encounter, and subsequent defeat at the hands of Spider-Man. Despite his immense potential Electro\\'s fatal flaw is that he typically allows his own overconfidence in his powers to be his undoing.