• Isn't that one totally awesome song!?!?!? I mean, it's got a certain 'grooviness' (oh shut up) to it that just ROCKS!!!!!!!

    Alrighty my numbnuts friend, the floor is yours!! :D
  • Me numbnuts?? And this is coming from a Pollack. ;) hahaha what a laugh.
    ok then, same deal as ever ladies and gents

    Contrary to the matter
    Who you are, you are not.

  • "........ Come with me, I
  • Well done Pollack, your floor i saw you just push the dirt under the rug last time
  • Hey Mad, is your av for rent!? We really need to clean up this floor in here, Theve and I seem to be making quite a big mess in here! :P

    OK, let me see........

    "....... you were there like a slow torch burning
    I was a key that could use a little turning......."

    There, try that one, wise guy!! :P
  • So tired that I couldn't even sleep
    So many secrets I couldn't keep

    Runaway Train originally recorded by Soul Asylum. Strange having normal lyrics again instead of all the obscure stuuf :D :lol: :P
  • OOH HO HO....... boy, you're in for it now!!!!!!!! Muuuahahahhaaaaa!!!!! :unsure:

    ".........I'm trying to fight
    For what is right"

    Stuff THAT in your crack-pipe and smoke it, numbnuts!!!!!! :P

    ABSOLUTELY NO COVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: I am sooooooooo sorry about the GIANT brain fart....... please ignore the silly Pollack...... you're on Mr. Numbnuts!! :blink:
  • Stupid cheating pollack. :lol: No prob mate, WB will tell you about the bigger hash i made the other day. Any way as it is my go heres some lyrics for you.

    But when you're driving me insane
    Well then I think it's time that we took a break

    now is that the lyrics or a hint to you Speedie?

  • "In too deep"

    ".......Maybe we're just trying to hard.
    When really it's closer than it is too far

    Cause I'm in too deep, and I'm trying to keep,
    Up above in my head, instead of going under.
    Cause I'm in too deep, and I'm trying to keep,
    Up above in my head, instead of going under.
    Instead of going under.
    Instead of going under......."

    Sum 41...........

    You forget, grasshopper, you are dealing with a VERY COOL geezer here!!!!!
  • a VERY COOL geezer [/b]
    Where? All i see is a cr@ck dealing hooker ;)
    Yes my little pollack, you may have the floor back.

    Maybe we're just trying to hard.
    When really it's closer than it is too far

    the story of every girl i've known. oh well
  • hehehheee....... Crack dealing hooker...... coming from one who can't spell, I won't fret about it too much! :P

    "........as long as we're stronger,
    nothing will happen to us........"

    Here ya go, have fun!
  • Fireflash in the night
    Just an evil dream
    Holy war in the sky.....never

    - Twilight of the Gods
    - Helloween

    ps. Rock & Roll you f---in' pukes!!!!! :P
  • Yeah buddy, the geeeeeezers are back in action!!

    Djooo got it, maing, go to it! :D
  • "Say hello to my li'l frien'"........

    Thank you SB. I'll see you at the next Geezer mixer. I hear it's to be held in the dungeon at Lola's place, and this time it won't be a costume party.......

    As for this thread, here's the next one:

    When he's had enough of that, her lover throws her on the bed
    To teach her she's alive and suddenly he's dead

    You know the rules, and no covers
  • Calling Mr Oswald, calling anyone at the scene.
    If you were taking home movies, there's a chance you might have seen him.
    They've got a thousand variations: every witness in a file.
    Jenny puts on some coffee and she comes back with a smile.
    She says "I hear that South America is coming back into style."

    I know the song is Less than Zero

    But I think the original was Elvis Costello ;)

    Ok OK so I gave you the next verse and not the chorus,here it is I think these are the lines you are looking for

    Turn up the TV.
    No one listening will suspect,
    Even your mother won't detect it,
    So your father won't know.
    They think that I've got no respect
    But everything means less than zero.
    Hey, oo hey-ey.
    Hey, oo hey-ey.


    Is it three out of three now?? Is it?? is it?? Ha Ha ;)
  • Ooooooo!!! You're so close! In the words of Meatloaf, "Two Out of Three ain't Bad," but I want the next line(s). Your right on, otherwise.... :)

    That's the stuff. Nicely played. Your turn at the wheel FJ, giver 'er a spin......
  • Thank you Wb, Thank you very much

    Here we go with another one

    Why can't we
    Just go back
    To how we once were?
    Why won't you return my calls?

    Get to work B)
  • Words were said
    The kind that hurt
    A promise made, a promise broken
    We have to work this out
    What have I done that was so wrong?

    - Is This the Part
    - One Dollar Short
  • Well done Mr Ball,

    Please take it away.

    Sidenote: One Dollar Short are a great Aussie band I urge you all to check them out. :D
  • Thanks, FJ.

    Y'all know the rules, here 'tis:

    Thirteen's my lucky number
    To you it means stay inside

    No covers. B)
  • black cat done crossed my path,
    no reason to run and hide.
    you're looking through a cracked mirror,
    no one really knows the reason why.
    your enemies are gettin' nearer,
    gonna hang down your head and cry...

    A bit of Social Distortion anyone.

    Ok So I forgot the song title maybe I should go up against the kettle (see av6 thread). Anywhoo,

    I believe the song title is Bad Luck
  • Nicely done......so far. I know I'm splittin' hairs here, but let's stick to the rules. Your post is missing the song title.
  • Hello??? WB, or FJ can we have some lyrics please? The people are waiting you know. ;)
  • Theve, the "ball" is still in FJ's court......
  • I've edited my above post to contain the song title BAD LUCK.

    By the ball in my court do you mean its my turn???? ;)
  • abso-freakin'-lutely..... Hit us with a good one, FJ....... :D
  • Ok Heres one that will probably be easy for a few out there.

    You Can't Understand A User's Mind
    But Try, With Your Books And Degrees

    Ok we all know the deal, just don't get excited like I did before and leave out the song title.


    Get to work :D
  • Oooooooooh, a little Alice in Chains!! (sounds like WB's last date!!) ;)


    If You Let Yourself Go And Open Your Mind
    I'll Bet You'd Be Doing Like Me
    And It Ain't So Bad

    Say, I Do It Alot!
    repeat about a zillion times..... hehe :P
  • Well Done Speedie,

    Take it away

    da da da da da da, The floor is yours :D

  • Uh oh, the Beendip is sleeping on the job again!! :blink:
    Thanks to my trusty alarm clock ( whom I like to call Wreckinball) I am only THREE DAYS LATE! hehehhee

    Alright, I'll come up with something.......

    I need fuel, just the kind you give me
    Makes me feel so bad

    There, chew on that one for a moment or two....... hopefully it was worth waiting for! :P

    (thanks Mr. Alarm Clock!!) :D
  • Pardon me, don't mean to be spamming, but just wanted to see if anyone is out there!?!? :blink: No posts in here for two days, not sure if anyone is coming back here or what. :huh: :blink:
  • Hold your horses women, some of us have more to our lives then this site you know, work, or in my case school and therefore homework <_< <br />
    Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
    Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye!

    Goodbye, Goodbye
    by Oingo Boingo

    Happy now?
  • Ecstatic, thank you!! :P Now get your wise guy attitude back in here and dazzle us with your brilliance!! :P B)
  • Me? Attitude? hah where do you come up with this stuff?
    Ok then lets try this little one on you:

    Unsung, against the mold Without a doubt
    Singled out The only way I know

    That should last two seconds with the majority of you.
  • Green Day

    I want to be the minority
    I don't need your authority
    Down with the moral majority
    'Casue I want to be the minority

    Sorry about the no colour on the above post, or nothing fancy, but I was hurrying because I saw that WB is in the house and I didn't want him beating me to the punch!! :P HAHAHA! :P
  • Stepped out of line
    Like a sheep run from the herd
    Marching out of time
    To my own beat now
    The only way I know...

    - Minority
    - Green Day.......(Baaaa) :D
  • Well speedie you are right. but as your a mod I don't need your authority, so the floors open to anyone. :D as if i'd do that. Ok speedie your floor.
  • D'oh! Yeah, you were in a hurry. You didn't even bother to get the correct next lines. I suppose the point is moot, as it's your floor.....
  • Alright, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!!!!!! Geeeeezzz, stop pestering me!!!!! :blink:

    Oh and, WB: :P pppllffffffttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! winner winner, chicken dinner!

    Ok, I'm ready now:

    Can I sail through the changin'...ocean tides
    Can I handle the seasons of my life?

    There Theve, now GET OFF MY BACK!!! ;)

    WB, here's the song as I see it:


    I want to be the minority
    I don't need your authority
    Down with the moral majority
    'Cause I want to be the minority

    I pledge allegiance to the underworld
    One nation under dog
    There of which I stand alone
    A face in the crowd
    Unsung, against the mold
    Without a doubt
    Singled out
    The only way I know

    I want to be the minority
    I don't need your authority
    Down with the moral majority
    'Casue I want to be the minority

    Stepped out of the line
    Like a sheep runs from the herd
    Marching out of time
    To my own beat now
    The only way I know

    One light, one mind
    Flashing in the dark
    Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts
    "For crying out loud" she screamed unto me
    A free for all
    F*** 'em all
    You are your own sight

    I want to be the minority
    I don't need your authority
    Down with the moral majority
    'Cause I want to be the minority

    Now, put up or shut up! (sorry, no more room for smilies, or you'd see a 'wink' here!)
  • Yeah, OK. Whatever you say. Oh, and BTW:

    I don't know... I don't know
    Well, I've been afraid of changin'
    'Cause I've built my life around you,
    But time makes you bolder,
    Even children get older,
    And I'm getting older, too

    - Landslide
    - Meatwood Flack (Roberta's retarded step-cousin) :D
  • Heh heh heh heh.......... of course you are correct-a-muundo!! :D

    Jeeeeez, you'd think I'd pay more attention to things!! It took me long enough to get back in here!! Sheeeeesh, someone whack me upside the head with something, please?!?!?! :blink: :unsure:
  • ....ask and ye shall receive.......WHACK!!!!

    Better now? :P

    Here's the line, you know the rules....

    With fingernails that shine like justice
    And a voice as dark as tinted glass......

  • Hey, this song is about me!!! HAHHAHAAA!!!!!!!


    Short skirt/Lonnnng Jacket

    "........She is fast and thorough and sharp as a tack
    She's touring the facility and picking up (the?) slack......."

    Now there's a kick-butt band for ya!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the whack upside the head, that's much better! :wacko: :D
  • That band reminds me of the band-geeks from high school, except I like their goofy songs, and I don't want to throw oranges at them. Every time I hear them, I think Tom Green is their singer.

    Of course you are correct, speedie. It's now your turn to ask......
  • Jeeez, you don't waste any time getting in here and down to business, do ya??

    Well then, let's see if that whack upside the head has helped any......

    ".......A baby I was when you took my hand
    And the light of the night burned bright......"

    There ya's go....... and to quote some nutbag,

    'NO COVERS!!' :P
  • Nutbag, indeed. :lol:

    The people all stared, didn't understand
    But you knew my name on sight

    - Now I'm Here
    - Queen
  • Spot on, DudeMan!!!!!! And awaaaaaaayyy you go!! :D
  • Sorry I'm late, but............."I don't feel tardy"

    A flag of piracy flew from my mast
    My sails were set wing to wing.....

    No covers.
  • I had a jukebox graduate for first mate
    She couldn't sail but she sure could sing

    Bruce Springsteen
    Growing Up

    Nice and easy song to get back in to the flow of the game, after such a long wait :P
  • Piss off, Theve. :D I've got my hands full.

    You've answered well enough (or your dad has) to ask now. I only ask that you ask well......
  • What are you implying that im cheating ;) heh heh
    Ok then, well lets see if this up to your standard:

    Destruction leads to a very rough road
    but it also breeds creation
  • Oooooohhhhhhh....... Red Hot Chilli Peppers


    ".......Destruction leads to a very rough road
    But it also breeds creation

    And earthquakes are to a girl's guitar
    They're just another good vibration
    And tidal waves couldn't save the world
    From Californication

    Sad song, gives me the creepies!!!!!
  • And if i told you, you are wrong what would you do? I know, you would call me a lair, because you are correct speedie. So nice to have a civil person in the game again :D
    The clean floor is yours to command.
  • Civil!? ME!?!?!? :huh: heh heh heh...... oh, you must mean my twin Laura!!!


    ".......Black or white or brown or yellow
    Leave your old disputes behind......."

    There ya's go. You know how it goes..... and let's keep it civil please!! :lol: <_<
  • Hmmm...... I didn't see anything about covers........
    What the heck, since we're being civil and all........

    Once you start talking to your fellow men
    You'll soon be of one mind
    If we want to make this certain
    We'll need you and your support
    It's yourselves you'll be deserting
    If you rat on your own sort

    - Solidarity Song
    - Jefferson Airplane ("borrowed" from Bertolt Brecht)

    That's a grade-A pinko hippie song :P
  • That's me, grade-A pinko hippie!! :D

    You of course are correct Mr. Ball....... (you being a pinko hippy yourself, you OLD fart you!) :P
  • Hippy?......Me? Never! Pinko either. I may be old, but I'm no hippy.

    I'm not black like Barry White,
    I'm white like Frank Black is
  • I'm not black like Barry White,
    I'm white like Frank Black is

    So if man is five and the devil is six than that must make me seven

    Fire water burn
    Bloodhound gang

    That good enough old man?
  • That's close enough, embryo. Go ahead on with it.......
  • Embryo? Me? suits me just fine, this smart and still in the womb, well give me the noble prize now please. :D

    Sometimes ya got to squeeze
    Sometimes you've got to say please
    Sometime you've got to say hey
  • Why you little rascal you!!

    I'm gonna F*ck you softly
    I'm gonna screw you gently
    I'm gonna hump you sweetly
    I'm gonna ball you discreetly

    I think this one is called "F*ck her Gently"...... Tenacious D........???

    Now, little embryo, what are you doing listening to smut like this!?!? :o :blink:
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Oct 14 2002, 08:30 PM
    Now, little embryo, what are you doing listening to smut like this!?!? :o :blink:

    Learning. :D :D

    Yes Suze your right, floor is yours.

  • Learning huh?? Holy Crow, I won't even get near that comment!!!!!

    "Hello, speak up, is there somebody there?
    These hang-ups are getting me down "

    There, have some fun with that one! :D
  • Me, somebody to sho-ove find. Me, somebody to sho-ove find. Me, somebody to sho-o-o-o-ove find............Oops, wrong song.

    In a world frozen over with over exposure
    Let's talk it over, let's go out and paint the town

    - Somebody to Shove
    - Soul Asylum
  • heh heh heh..... lay off that crack pipe man, it's starting to show! :P

    Of course, you are right..... take 'er awaaayyyyy!!! :D
  • Yeah, I got yer pipe........ :P

    Like a demon love possessed me,
    You upset me constantly,
    What evil star is mine,
    That my fate's design should be.

    Next line(s), song title, artist.
    No covers!

    That one's ripe, here's a new one:

    Mother doesn't go out anymore,
    Just sits at home and rolls her spastic eyes....

    no covers!
  • But every weekend through the door
    Comes words of wisdom from the world outside

    Sunday Papers - Original artist was Joe Jackson

    Yeah I think the Fat is back ;)
  • OH YEEEAH!!!!
    Way to go, Fat Jiffy. The honor is yours.......

    ps. apologies to the "Macho King," Randy Savage....
  • I have PM'd FJ about it being his turn here, but alas! He has informed me that he is unable to make it due to some rude large pile of work that was left on his desk while he was on holiday, so he has ever so genlelmanly-like asked me to take his turn. I will apologize in advance that I cannot match his brilliance, but here I go..........

    "........If I were a business man, I'd sit behind a desk
    I'd be so successful, I would scare Wall Street to death....."

    There ya go. Not sure if there are any, but if there are:

    NO COVERS!!!!!!
  • I would hold a meetin for the press to let them know, I did it all because:
    I'm stone in love with U

    By the Stylistics
  • HEY HEY HEY, we have a big fat WEENER!!!!!!!!! :D Give that man a cupie doll!! (about 5'2", blonde, blues eyes..... yeeeoowwwwwzaaahh!!!!! ;) )

    Go ahead Manneman, the floor is yours!! (hope I've not left it a big mess for ya!) :D
  • I couldn't help noticing that I answerd 2 hours before the question was asked. :P

    Ok her I go

    ...An urge overload,
    the wild plastic fire,
    smoke from the tire...
  • OhmyGod, no way!!!!! hahahaha

    Presidents of the United States of America

    Mach 5

    "Layin' a little patch without a single scratch
    Between the hammer and the rock I
    Can see bright blue mach 5
    It's my mach 5 Oh"

    Hehehheeee....... now there is an under-rated band!!

    Oh, and Manneman, it must be a clock glitch thing... it shows correctly on my puter! :blink:
  • You are correct, in all statements, please proceed.

  • Thank you kind sir! :D

    We wore matador boots
    Only Flagg Brothers had them with the Cuban heel

    There we go, that should last a minute or two! :P
  • According to my sausage, that is Keeping the faith by Billy Joel
    -and a thight pair of chinos, Oh...
  • ALMOST Right you are!!! There is a line inbetween there that you forgot....... But I gotta ask, what's your sausage have to do with any of this!?!? (uh oh, maybe I shouldn't have asked!?!? :o :D

  • My sausage = my sourses ( i didn't know the spelling) and he's my brother.

    :D My brother, the sausage :D
  • Alright, we've established that Manneman has a sausage for a brother..... heh heh heh..... but, what is that next line that you forgot here!?!? :D :P Quick, or someone else will grab it before you do!! :blink:
  • Allright allright :D

    Iridescent(?) socks with the same colored shirt

    What does iridescent mean ?:blink:

  • That's the one!!! Irridescent means very bright and glowing...... or in describing clothing, appearing to glow.

    Now you are totally right, the floor is yours! :D
  • I don't know if this is hard or not, you let me know if you need any clues

    I had a body and men with knives wanted to lend it.
    Sold my body to the company so I got the money now away I go
    and I say thank you Mr. CEO
  • I filled my pockets now I might as well - die!
    'Cause I found the backdoor out of teenage hell - All right!
    Filled my account cause I might in fact - die!
    But I rely on science, yeah to bring me back - All right.
    I'm gonna die.

    The Hives
    Die, All Right!!
  • F J : You missed a spot. Listen to the record one more time
    and try to nail thenext line.
  • Hey! I've got some money and tonight Im gonna spend it.
    Yeah! They gave me a paper and I went ahead and penned it and I say thank you Mr CEO.

    Sorry dude I believe that is what you are looking for
  • Yea, that's it.
    That's what you'll hear me sing every day on my way to the mall

    The floor is yours Jiffy
  • She doesn't care
    Whether or not he's an island.
    If they laugh, they make money.

    Everybody knows the drill so lets get to it :D

  • Italian Leather Sofa


    "......He's got a gold watch.
    She's got a silk dress
    And healthy breasts
    That bounce on his Italian leather sofa....."
  • Sorry Susan, been away with work so haven't had a chance to come in and tell you that you are correct.

    Gotta love the bounce on the italian leather sofa. :D
  • My oh my, what a funky song that is!! :lol:

    "Bold motherf*cker, dont' you limit your mind
    Can't you see that the pace has just fallen behind."

    There ya's go, have fun! :D
  • How long was you going to leave in Suze :D ;)

    All the hate in your heart will be leaving you blind so bold mother f***er
    don't you limit your mind this time.

    Liberate by Disturbed

    Well that's my guess anyway ;)
  • F*CK YEAH!!!!!!!!! :D What a great cd!!!!! Got it playing right now!! Yeah, bang your head!!

    You are so right, Theve..... take it away!! (but, bring it back when you're done please) ;)
  • Well i never, such a foul mouth on a lady, Opps... i forgot, its not a lady is it ;)

    Well anyway kiddies on with the show

    They dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's
    I kicked and screamed said please don't go

    There simple
  • Grandma take me home
    I had to eat my dinner there
    Mashed Potatoes and stuff like that
    I couldn't chew my meat too good

    - Sliver
    - Nirvana
  • Well done WB, right as normal, have the floor, but dont make it to hard.
  • This one should be easy enough.

    I remember every little thing
    As if it happened only yesterday

    No Covers!
  • [b]I was barely seventeen and I once killed a boy with a Fender guitar.
    I don
  • Oooh, a new tactic. The "Shotgun" answer..... throw out enough answers and one of 'ems gonna hit, right? Well, your Paradise By the Dashboard Light response is very, very close. This ain't finals week, it's close enough. Now it's your turn......
  • Boom Boom Boom. He shooots he scores.

    One of them had to be right :D

    Ok let's get to work.

    My Momma talk to me,
    Try to tell me how to live
    But I don't listen to her,
    'cos my head is like a sift

    Everyone knows the deal so lets get it going :rolleyes:
  • My daddy done disowned me 'cause I wear my sister's clothes
    He caught me in the bathroom in a pair of panty hose
    The basketball coach, he kicked me off the team
    For wearin' high-heeled sneakers, and actin' like a queen

    - My Fabulous Teens
    - Gideon


    - Earache My Eye
    - Cheech & Chong

    BTW, the correct lyric is "'cause my head is like a sieve", not a "like a sift"

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