• Originally posted by WreckinBall@Nov 19 2002, 05:53 PM
    My Fabulous Teens

    Just the answer I was looking for, geez Gid ;)

    No No right you are I think Cheech & Chong did a great cover though. :D

    Take it away Wb B)
  • OK, here we go

    I went to the place
    Where every white face
    Is an invitation to robbery

    No Covers! :D

  • Sounds just like Washington DC!! :lol:

    The Clash

    Safe European Home

    ".....An' sittin' here in my safe European home
    I don't wanna go back there again........"

  • Yeah, man. That's the shiznit, yo!
  • Yo yo yo!! Here we go, here we go now.......

    "......Man makes your hair gray
    He's your life's mistake
    All you're really lookin' for is an even break ......."

    Have fun! :P
  • He lies at you , you hate this game
    he slap you, while you while and you live and love in this pain
    she cryes atlone, at night too often
    he smokes and drinks and don't come home at all
    only women cry...

    From the Alice Cooper beat of album Mascara and monsters, I don't know what album it first appeared on tough.
    not a funny song, I'd recomand "I'm eighteen" :)
  • While the name of the game is "Next Lines" I'll give that one to you Manneman, because you do have the next lines right,..... or, near enough, but the name of the song is "Only Women Bleed,
    and yes, it is from Alice Cooper!

    True, too, not a happy song. Dunno what put that one into my head today........ your turn!
  • Sorry about that, you do know what condition I were in last night !?! ;)

    Since we're on the "beating up women" track here I thought that this might be fitting

    I know this chick she lives down on Melrose
    She ain't satisfied without some pain
    Friday night is goin' up inside her...again
    Well crack the whip
    Cause that bitch is just insane
    I'm serious

    rock on... :)
  • Pretty Tied Up, Guns 'n' Roses.

    Which by the way I will be seeing in London, Ont in only 6 days!
  • Son of a...
    That was quick.

    Hope you have a good time at the concert.

    Start your question by reciting the refrain, since that's what the thread is about!
  • I don't know if I feel right taking over the floor seeing as how I didn't provide the next lines in the song... D'oh! :o

    Anyway here we go...

    I'm looking down now that it's over
    Reflecting on all of my mistakes
    I though I found the road to somewhere
    Somewhere in his grace

    There ya go, give it a shot!
  • Well as you don't feel right with the floor, i'll try taking it off your hands Rex:

    I cried out heaven save me
    But I'm down to one last breath
    And with it let me say
    Let me say

    One Last Breath

    Is that what your after? ;)
  • D@mn you Theve looks like you got me back I was just about to answer that.

    Looks like now I'm the one that's do slow :D
  • Originally posted by Fat_Jiffy@Nov 25 2002, 04:11 PM
    D@mn you Theve

    FJ just about sums it up with that. Go ahead, make yours a little harder than mine, eh?
  • Well i hope this is slightly harder

    All night long I dream of the day
    When it comes around, and it's takin' away

    See if that lasts longer then 15 min ;)
  • Leaves me with the feelin' that I fear the most
    Feel it come to life when I see your ghost

    Foo Fighters

    All my Life :D

    Now it's Fat's time to shine B)
  • Yep FJ you got it in one.
    Floors yours, keep it clean ;)
  • It's behind you and
    It's in your face
    Close your eyes
    Selling years of their

    We all know the deal :D

    Keep it clean, well the state you left the floor in don't you mean mind the rubbish on the way in ;)
  • Smoke and Mirrors and open minds
    And they try to find a way to make me
    Something I'm not

    - The Best is yet to Come Undone
    - Lit
  • Good Job Wb

    Well cankered ;)

    Take it away and watch out for Theve's rubbish
  • No worries, he's kinda weak at this. It's his dad's tips that make him sharp...

    I didn't have a notion if I could sell 'em there,
    but half an hour later, I was a millionaire....

    Bla, bla, bla,

    No covers!
  • What some would add to their Christmas list......

    Bales of Cocaine

    The Reverend Horton Heat
    (I know that dude!) :lol:

    "........Bales of cocaine, fallin' from low-flyin' plane
    I don't know who done dropped 'em, but I thank 'em just the same
    Bales of cocaine, fallin' like a foriegn rain
    My life changed completely by the low-flyin' planes........"

    Fascinating song!! :blink:

    (isn't it "....... thirty minutes later........"....... ??
  • You might very well be correct with that, SB. I was going from memory, and we know that can get a little dicey sometimes.

    Your answer is exactly what I was asking for, so the asking privelege is yours.
  • I was going from memory, and we know that can get a little dicey sometimes.

    Heh heh heh, yeah, I know how that goes with you!! hehehee...... (Looked in the cookie jar lately??) :P

    ".......You got me walkin' up a tightrope
    With Vaseline from my head to my feet........"

    Though it may sound like fun for some of you, what I really want are:

    The next lines


    Song title please.
  • You got me lookin' into blindfolds
    But I know you've got your hands all over me
    So when these imitations fail
    Just don't look back, 'cause I won't be there

    - Laughing Out Loud
    - The Wallflowers
  • I just knew that WB would be able to relate to all that Vaseline!! :lol:

    You brought that horse right down Sir, take it away!! :P
  • Haha....you're funny like a rubber crutch. :D

    A U.S. soldier boy on leave in West Berlin
    He don't need to hear the sound of a thousand violins...

    Hmmm, need some help, huh?

    ....He wants to hear some American music, American music
    He wants to hear the sound that's from the USA...

    - American music
    - The Blasters

    OK, maybe that one is a little "above" you guys, The Blasters, are not for everyone. They're probably the greatest band you've never heard of.

    This is probably more y'alls speed......

    Psyclone Jack, hallucinatin' hack
    Thinks Donna Reed eats dollar bills

    No covers! (not that anybody would) :D

    BTW, this wouldn't last 10 seconds if Lucifer were around.....
  • BTW, this wouldn't last 10 seconds if Lucifer were around..... [/b]

    That's only because he's on the same hallucinogenics that you are on!! :wacko:

    So, let's see........

    Rob Zombie,

    Living Dead Girl

    "...........goldfoot machine
    creates another fiend
    so beautiful
    they make you kill........"

    Fuuuuuuuuunnnkyyyyyyy!!!!! :lol:
  • You better know it!!!

    That song really gets me going. No decibel level seems to be too great, either!

    Nicely done, speedie! Way to save the thread! We anxiously await your query....
  • Thangkyou, thangkyou very mudch!! :D

    Alrighty then, how's about this one:

    ".....Doesn't that mean love to you

    Doesn't that mean anything....."

    NO COVERS!!!!! (not that I think there are any!) :lol:
  • Wow, that's an old one. I think that goes back to the Nixon administration.

    If I threw away my pride,
    And I got down on my knees,
    Would I have to beg, "pretty please?"

    Don't pull your love out on me baby
    bla, bla, bla, bla, etc., etc., etc.,

    - Don't pull your love (come on over here and pull mine) :D
    - Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds

    Great one, SB.
  • Heh heh heh, thought I'd go back in the archives a bit for that one!

    Well, you OLD dirty bird, you are correctamundo, as was expected!!
    Go ahead, make my day! :P
  • OK, fine. Be that way, I don't care. :P

    Take this:

    I hold my pillow to my head
    And spring up in my bed
    Screaming out the words that I dread

    You probably still sing this one in your truck on the way to work :D

    No covers!
  • I think I love you

    This morning I woke up with this feeling
    I didn't know how to deal with and so I just decided to myself

    I think I love you
    Partridge Family ;) That's who I remember singing it anyway ;)
  • That's the one, FJ. Nicely played. :D

    It's your turn...
  • Sorry for the delay people's couldn't get on line over the weekend, ah isn't it great to be back at work ;)

    You curse my name, as you turn and walk away, from view
    It won't be too long
    You don't scare me cos you're

    Ok everyone knows the deal so get to it :D
  • Aaaahhhhh......

    "......Hard to see and it's time
    That you were gone
    It won't be too long......."

    Black Sabbath

    You probably still sing this one in your truck on the way to work [/b]

    YOU GOD-FORSAKEN LOUSY NO GOOD ROTTEN SWINE, WB!!!!!!!! You just HAD to say that didn't you!?!?!?! You realize that, when I read that the other day, I, infact, DID have that stupid song stuck in my head ALL FRIGGIN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: Yes, I caught myself on more than three occasions singing it in the truck on the way to work, and cursed you each and every time!! May all your nose-hairs grow triple in length and thickness in five minutes while you are out on your next date!!! :blink: :P
  • Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Dec 16 2002, 07:26 AM

    [b]"......Hard to see and it's time
    That you were gone
    It won't be too long......."

    Black Sabbath


    Well done Susan,

    Good Job, take it away :D
  • Why thankx Mr. Jiffy!! :D Excellent choice, by the way!! three thumbs up!! (been meaning to ask the Dr. about that)

    Here we go now!!

    ".......you're finally round the bend and see
    there's no need to cry anymore...."

    There we go..... how many minutes will this one last!?!? :P
  • Dammit!! Paybacks are a ..... well, you know the rest don't you? You knew I wouldn't know it, but I'd look it up anyway.....dammit!!

    Life's better than before
    Yesterday fades away into the past

    (That's all you get)

    - You begin again
    - Barry (Mary) Manilow :blink: (Arguably, the lamest act EVER)
  • Yes, ARGUABLY so!! But, some of us lamos used to really like him!! :lol:

    Well, Mr. Smarty Pants, the floor is yours, try not to mess it up too much with all those nose hairs falling out all over the place!! :lol: (that new spell is working isn't it!?) :P
  • Now that they've grown out, I've just integrated them into my moustache. :D

    Ooops.... sorry. I just spilled. :blink:

    Put millions of miles under my heels
    And still to close to you I feel
    (reminds me of my ex)

    No Covers!
  • Alrighty, I'll give this an unsure go.......

    "......i am not your rolling wheels
    i am the highway
    i am not your carpet rag
    i am the sky
    i am not your blowing wind
    i am the sky here
    i am not your automon
    i am the night
    the night......."

    The song is I am a Highway,

    Not sure, but is it from Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine!?!? :blink:
  • Uh......can you be more concise?
  • OK, Rage Against the Machine performed it, but Chris Cornell wrote it. Is that ok? :P
  • No it is not. The group that performs that song has it's own name, and it is different from the names of the member's former bands. :P
  • RATS!!! Is it 'AudioSlave'?!?!?! :blink:
  • Aye, missy. Now you've got it. Post at yer leisure.....
  • Pheeeeewwwwww, I worked my butt off for that one!! I think I need a cookie! :lol: Thank you kind sir, sorry about giving you such a hard time with it!

    Alrighty, on with the show......

    ".......So I chaffed them, and I gaily laughed,
    To think they would doubt our love,........"

    Let's see how y'all do with this one!! :D :P
  • Puh-leeze. This was one of my favorite oldies when I was little.

    Yet today my love has flown away
    I am without my love

    - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    - The Platters
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Dec 25 2002, 03:32 AM
    Puh-leeze. This was one of my favorite oldies when I was little.

    Yeah, like MICROSCOPIC!!! :lol:

    You are indeed correct...... but I didn't get any PM telling me how long it took you to do your search!! :P
  • Dear friend, you know not from whence you speak. It absolutely was one of my favorite OLDIES when I was little, it was right up there with Blueberry Hill and Mack the Knife. Sorry about the PM, but it really didn't take any time to research, I just double-checked it and posted. BTW, my favorite Platters' tune is still My Prayer.

    Alrighty then,

    You can keep all your smart modern writers,
    Give me William Shakespeare
    You can keep all your smart modern painters,

    No Covers!
  • You can keep all your smart modern writers,
    Give me William Shakespeare
    You can keep all your smart modern painters,

    I'll take Rembrandt, Titian, Da Vinci and Gainsborough

    20th Century Man by the Kinks

    I love the last 4 lines of that song:
    This is the twentieth century
    But too much aggravation
    This is the edge of insanity
    I'm a twentieth century man but I don't wanna be here

    How true is that. The 20th centry was full of great death (WW1, WW2 all the other large scale wars), and the later end art, and litriture was never as good as the classic stuff. Moderen technoggy, both now in the 21st, and in the last 100 years, have been great improvments to us all, bring 'mankind foward', but now we live in a socity of test's, something not so needed in the past, coruption for the love of money, and a gernal world of glass, metal, and concret buildings.
    The life was harded back in the past, and so there was none of this modern day laziness we see all around us!
    Sorry about getting side track.
  • Way to go, Theve! (thank your dad :D )

    You may ask as you like.....
  • Why thank you kind sir :D well here we go then:

    I cannot live at all
    My whole world surrounds you
    I stumble then I crawl

    Have fun people, im sure suze will know this one, sure she said she had the album ;)
  • Oh heck yeah!!!!!!!

    ".......And you could be my someone, you can be my scene
    You know that I'll protect you from all of the obscene
    I wonder what you're doing, imagine where you are
    There's oceans in between us, but that's not very far......."


    Puddle of Mudd!!!!!!

    Can ya take it all away, can ya take it all away,
    well ya shoved it in my face
    this pain you gave to me.........

    EXCELLENT song!!!!!!! :D Good choice there Buddy!
  • :o Suze, what are you on about, that was all wrong

    Yeah and im the fairy god mother of WB, lol, just aint happening is it. :D

    The clean floor is all yours my dear, keep it clean, and lets see what you got!!
  • Oooooohhhhhh Boy!! I just kneeeewww it!! :lol:

    Okey dokey, I'll keep the floor nice and clean for ya's!

    "We cannot seem to reach an end
    Crippling our communication......"

    There ya's go, have at it!! :P
  • I know the pieces fit
    'Cause I've watched them tumble down

    - Schism
    - Tool (".... a tool?, a tool for what?")*

    * a little Fast Times dialogue for ya
  • "My Dad's got an aaawesome set of tools!!"


    Okey dokey oh King O' Music, the sceptor is yours, rule well! (and, no bonking anyone over the head with it, or I'll take it back!) :P
  • Aww....ain't that sweet?....She called me the King o' Music. All I can say to that is...... Thank ya, Thank ya very muuuuch :P

    I've had this one playing in my head for a day or two:

    All the cowgirls in their Stetson hats
    And their tight-fitting jeans, so they don't look fat

    No Covers.
  • THE VANDALS!?!?!? :blink:

    Urban Struggle

    "........We'll all be listening to Cowboy tunes
    and stomp around like a bunch of goons....."

    Or, somethin' like that....... I think. Good Lord, haven't thought of them in ages!!! What a song to get stuck in your head! :lol:
  • [quote]
    I used to love going to Zubie's.
  • OH CRAP!!!!!! WB, I am soooooooooooo sorry that I totally mucked up your post!!!!!!!!!!! It's all my fault!!!!!!! I meant to quote you, not to edit your post!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheeeeeesh, I'm such a doooooofus!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :huh: Will you ever find it in your fuzzy little heart to forgive me!?!?!?!?

    Anywho, the way I edited it is actually my post....... including my next 'clue'...... please feel free to put on those steel toed boots and start swinging, I'm bent over to take my punishment!! :ph34r:
  • Just me myself and I, just me myself and I

    Vitamin C, Right?
  • nope! :blink:
  • well i've olny heard about 2min of the song on the radio and this is all i heard I ain't got nobody that I can depend on singer (santana carlos
    I'll edit this if i hear more of it again

    ok i found the rest out
    I ain't got nobody that I can depend on
    That I know of no tengo anadie
    That I can depend on no tengo anadie
    Ain't got no one

    Got nobody
    That I can depend on no tengo anadie
    Ain't got nobody that I can depend on
    No tengo anadie.

    You got it man, you got it good!!! Please wow us!!!!! :D

    (smooooooooocchhh!!) :wub:
  • ok lets see ya get this one

    i was along the avenue i thought i would never meet a girl like you....

    ok let see if any one gets this one!
  • OMG!!! I used to love this song!!!!!!!

    "I Ran"

    A Flock of Seagulls

    "I walked along the avenue
    I never thought I'd meet a girl like you
    meet a girl like you

    With Auburn hair and tawny eyes
    the kind of eyes that hypnotize me through
    Hypnotize me through

    And I ran
    I ran so far away...

    I just ran
    I could not get away........."

    ECXELLENT one Mike!!!!!! :D
  • yes mummie you got's it right so it's your turn
  • Yikes! She knew that one too well......
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jan 9 2003, 04:00 AM
    Yikes! She knew that one too well......

    You forget, my grasshopper, I'm OLD!!!

    Dont' have any in my flat little head at the moment, so anyone who wishes may take my floor, I left it nice and sparkley clean for ya!! :D
  • Wohoo, my chance has come (since I never seem to get them right). :D
    This one is pretty easy if you know the song, and I trust most of you do.

    boils hot, I feel my temperature rise

    The winner will recieve a big fat KISS on bodypart of choice.
    If no one gets it now I don't know what!
  • I want it all
    Give me what you've got
    There's hunger in your eyes
    (or some such silliness)

    - Heaven's On Fire
    - KISS

    ps. everything newer than Alive II is trendy. :D
  • Finally, I can't belive you didn't get it on the OOOOOoooOooOoOo in the beguining of the song ;)
    Take it away maestro.
  • WB, don't forget to tell Manneman where you want that KISS!!!!! :P
  • I'm just pretending as if I never read that part, and hoping it will go away. :D

    As for the next query, check my signature. :P

    Sunshine bores the daylights out of me

    No Covers!
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jan 18 2003, 04:39 AM

    As for the next query, check my signature. :P

    Never heard of it, try another one!! :P

    All I know is it's by Jules..... I think...... :blink:
  • Uuuuhhhh, no. There is no member of the band named Jules, nor is Jules any part of the band's name.

    That Rolling Stones lyric has been up for a while, now for something completely different:

    Gimme the next two lines (and the song and the group, of course)

    She smiles like a reptile, and her lips are razor thin
    Her legs are made of jello, but her voice can rip your skin
    To hide her potty mouth, she hikes her skirt above her head
    Now the whole seventh fleet is checkin' out her spread

    No Covers!


    "Baby's liquored up"

    The Beat Farmers

    [b]".............Foul gas, shot glass stuck her snout
    In everybody
  • Are you sure sus !? I thought it might have something to do with nuts of a yellow sort of metal and the band name can be assosiated within the potency of the same area. :huh:

    If I'm right only WB will smile at this, if I'm wrong then I'm alone
  • Yep, that's the one SB. For full credit you should have added "don't care what it's about." But it's fine as it is. The other one you inquired about was from Golden Ball and Chain by the best band you've never heard, Jason and the Scorchers. You're up, Speedie. :D

    ps. Nuts of a yellow sort of metal, heehee. :P
  • Geeee tankxs!! :D

    Let's try this one:

    "....... I have a prediction, it lives in my brain........."

    Who?, what?, ...........and why, if any of you can figure that one out! :P (Just kidding about that last part)
  • ;) ;)

    I guess that this one is,

    The prediction is your thoughts, and thoughts lives in your brain.

    Just a guess?!?
  • O Riddle-Master, this is not a riddle thread, this is a song lyric game. If you care to find out what a thread in these forums is about, find the first post on the first page of the thread and read it. Then, you should be able to constuctively join-in on games or contests in progress. Your contributions are welcome, but they should follow the appropriate form, lest they be merely interruptions.

    It's with me everyday,
    It drives me insane (I feel it in my heart)
    That if I has a gun (I feel it in my heart)
    I'd wanna kill some (I feel it in my heart)

    - My War
    - Black Flag (ya gotta love the classics! :P )
  • Mr. Ball, you know that's right!! That is one of their better songs, IMHO.

    Oh, and barbed_wire, he's right. On the first page of every trivia-type thread, in the first post there is always a description of how the thread is intended to go and the basic rules to follow, so please take a peek at those in each one to see how to keep it flowing smoothly. Thanks! :)
  • Thankee, Sai!

    Try this one, I love this song.

    And I don't remember church bells, or the money I put down
    on the white picket fence and boardwalk of the house at the edge of town

    No Covers.....
  • Heh heh heh....... "Bkoooock!!" ;) *cluck cluck*

    Dixie Chicken

    by, George Martin

    ".....But boy do I remember the strain of her refrain
    The nights we spent together, and the way she called my name
    If you'll be my dixie chicken, I'll be your Tenessee lamb
    And we can walk together down in dixieland, down in dixieland...."

    BRKKOOOOOOOOOCK!! :P (hey, I do a really good chicken impersonation in person, but it's hard to get it to come across right on here!) :D
  • Just to split hairs, you mentioned one of the songwriters, but you neglected to name the band......chicky :D
  • Small Piggies...... uuhhhhh..... I mean, Little Feat!! :P

    (gosh, all caught up in the barnyard theme here... oink!)
  • That's better. Now, you may proceed. :P
  • :o -SECURITY!!!

    way to go there Lolly mooh
  • *speedie comes rushing in from the ice and slush, being pelted hither and nither with little ice pellets... ouch!! There she goes!!!........

    Security is here, and that post was deleted as it didn't belong here......... Mr. Lolly Mooh, please pay closer attention next time, eh? Thanks!

    Alrighty, on with the show.........

    "......... No other girl could ever take the place of you........."

    HA!! That one shouldn't be too easy!! :P (I hope)

    You all know the drill........ who, what, and all that jazz......
  • Susan
    The Buckinghams

    Though you're hurtin' me
    You know I'll always be thinkin' of you
    Girl I always love you
  • Yes Barbed_Wire, that's the one!! MY SONG!! :D I heard it on the radio the other day on the way home from work and decided that I'd have to use it here when I got the chance!!

    Okey dokey Mr. Wire, serenade us if you will, please? :D
  • Thank you Susan>>>>

    Tired of this,
    Done with that,
    Never satisfied with where I'm at,
    I sit and think what to do,
    Just a motherf***kin' bore without a clue,

    Please I would like the name of the band/singer and the whole next verse.
    Thank you :P
  • BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/Zakk Wylde (Ex Ozzy guitarist)

    Shot My Dru9s
    Drank My B00ze
    Tired Of Joy And Self Abuse
    Eternally Jaded Through And Through
    Just A Self Loathing D*ck
    Without A Clue

    That what you was after?
  • Yep it sure is, you may now take the floor.

    P.S Do you like Zakk Wylde, I do, I personally love that song

    :P :D :lol:
  • I got an assist for that of my mate. Haven't heard any of his stuff personally.

    And now back to the game:
    I can see through you
    See your true colors
    'Cause inside your ugly
    Your ugly like me

    Normal rules, next line, name, and artist.

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