Oh, How Easily I Kill Without Shame...
  • Has anyone, but myself, found the use of violence in games a little tired lately? I think I've seen every possible death scenario for any creature.
    Don't get me wrong... I like nothing better than to lay waste to some moronic AI in a TimeSplitters 2 deathmatch. But all games seem to have descended to a level of kill or be killed (in the most gruesome way).
    I'm no longer impressed by massive body counts. The Metal Gear Solid series helped a little with stealth, but then fell into the "kill'em all" for bosses. I'm really excited about Splinter Cell... But I won't hold my breath. Even Tony has issues, you fall, blood sprays everywhere.
    So tell me... What would you like to see in an action game (or any game) other than a high kill number and buckets of plasma? Or are you one of the "the more things change, the more they stay the same"?
    I'm not anti-violence, I'm just wondering if it's even possible to have a deep story game without death.
  • Of course it is possible to have a game like that, but game companies don't believe it would sell well. So, they don't bring out any games like that. I wouldn't mind seeing a game that has less violence, and more depth of play, but for some reason, the ability to destroy entires armies single handedly(as in Dynasty Warriors)is quite fullfilling :P

    Later all,
  • [b]I don't know, maybe you could go pok
  • Have you tried such title's as Myst and Broken Sword??? Not to mention their sequals!
    These are two goodies, with lower level violence (if any?...guess it depends on your yard-stick ;) ).

    As for me, so long as there is some element of "Puzzle-solving", I'm pretty happy to continue, hacking'n'slashing, shooting and maiming!!!! :D Especially if I've had a rough day.
  • Many RPGs out there are just that. You may use a sword in battling in FFX but no blood or even really contact with the enemies other than them running into you every now and then. Yes, many games are violent but it sells so that's what developers will continue to make. Sure, not all games need violence but RPGs give you excellent stories and lots of action without the use of excessive violence. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • Yeah, I know what you mean S2dio. That's why I keep my ever popular "Mah Jongg" handy!! :D Even in the FF games, there is always death to be delt out to someone, and just about everything hinges on the death count of your enemies. I like to be able to think in a game sometimes without having to kill, so I enjoy Mah Jongg when I feel like gaming but don't feel like "more death, again!!"

    Bid is right though, about the Broken Sword and Myst titles! Those are some fun ones, with Myst having more brain-melting type thinking to do, and BS (one and two) having a bit more gaming fun with some puzzling and entertaining story line. You might just want to give them a try.

    Do you ever do any gaming on your PC? I've got a couple others in mind for ya if you do.

  • Unfortunately... No. The only PC I own is an ancient ThinkPad (we're talking Pentium 150 people) so PC games are pretty much out of the question. But that is what I'm looking for... Brain melting puzzlers. Has anyone played "Project Eden"? That game has some insanely complicated puzzles... But it does fall into shoot'em ups, they did do something nifty though... Your guns have a "SmartChip" that doesn't allow you to shoot "friends" (non-violent characters). This is something I'd like to see more of.
  • Mahjongg, ah. I tried that once and it was quite entertaining actually althoug if I was in a bit of a bad mood I would get frustrated by not being able to win so for relaxation along those lines I prefer solitaire (or patience, whatever you want to call it) since I've played that so often sometimes I think I'd be able to play it in my sleep, if I could keep my eyes open :D and as for PC games I prefer strategy games like the Command and Conquer series or more recently Star Trek: Armada 1 & 2 although for the PS2 I like RPG's like the Final Fantasy series or Summoner. I also quite liked the 2 G-Police games. There have been others but it's a long list and suffice it to say when I fell like kicking the s**t out of something I get out MGS or something and use a lot of skill to kill every grunt I come across (not actually that hard to do but you get the picture.).
  • Is API going soft or something, Nah but I to feel the games have become some what pointless but it not like there are more ideas that expresses human chacteristic better than the abillity to kill
  • Hhhhhm, which of the following titles would I prefer to play?

  • Games without death aren't very popular. But look at Harvest Moon. Animals die in that game but Harvest Moon was pretty successful. Of course there are games that don't involve death...I think anyways. But everyone seems to love all the violence in the games and enjoy how fast and easily they can kill someone. Since they can't do it in real life they will do it on a video game and probably do it 24/7. Of course all the games that don't have death are children games. But Harvest Moon comes to the closest of "Non-death" games.
  • the violence in games doesn't usually bother me. It's fake, i can tell, and that's a good thing. There was just this one moment about a year ago that i had a little problem with.
    In Grand Theft Auto 3, i was holed up in one of those glass-walled shops with a sniper rifle, casually taking out anyone who happened to be in range. After about half an hour, a tank pulled up, some soldiers got out and one of them stayed behind the tank where i couldn't shoot him.
    Every few minutes i could hear the soldier say "Someone tell my wife i love her." That was just going too far, it felt a little too real, so i had to turn off the PS2 and readjust my mindset. It's not as much fun killing them if you start feeling sorry for them, realizing these people had families that loved them and now they're dead and will never again see the sun rise (until the paramedics come by and resuscitate them).
    The FF games have violence, but the enemies disappear when you kill them, so you don't see rotting corpses if you retrace your steps later in the game.
    Metal Gear lowers your rating the more enemies you kill, and only the best players can get through the entire game with zero kills.
    Most fighting games have very little blood, no one ever bruises or suffers a broken leg or shrieks in pain, writhing on the ground in agony after you deplete their energy bar.
    Things that burn up in video games just turn black. That's the best one. If you've ever seen the effect of a real flamethrower on the human body, i think you can appreciate the difference.

    i think the violence in games could be much, much worse, but i'm glad it's not.
  • After much thought on this topic i have come up with the following.
    1. Yes there can be games out there without killing needed, but then what kind of games would they be like (rugrats, pokemon, etc.) More child games yes corrupt are childrens minds they need to be book smart not game smart even though games are good. They dont need games when they are little they can play out doors or something.

    2. This world needs those kind of games its helps some people get through there day, a little killing here and there in a game is what they want since they cant do it in the real world.
  • if there's gotta be violence in a game, i much prefer cartoony violence

    shooting cops and mugging hookers? no, thanks

    i'd rather knock a skyscraper onto 'em with my giant robot
  • Personally, I prefer games like Myst and Grim Fandango, adventure games where you don't resort to killing people.

    On the other hand though, it's always pretty gratifying to take Jill Valentine out with a shotgun and go blasting zombies. :D

    However, isn't Hitman a game where you have to try and kill as few people as possible to get a good rating? It's about the only game of that genre where the idea is not to kill people. Maybe you guys can think of some others...my brain's a wee bit old and tired these days hehehehe :lol:
  • Originally posted by hangoverqueen@Mar 28 2003, 08:16 AM
    However, isn't Hitman a game where you have to try and kill as few people as possible to get a good rating? It's about the only game of that genre where the idea is not to kill people. Maybe you guys can think of some others...my brain's a wee bit old and tired these days hehehehe :lol:

    In Metal Gear Solid 2 you are given a tranquilizer gun if you want to go for a non-lethal approach to finishing the game. Although I would find myself tranquilizing guards and then finishing them off execution style. :D