Classic Playstation Games
  • Well here is my list of Playstation games

    Tekken 3
    Soul Blade
    Resident evil 2
    Redsindent evil 3
    Crono Cross
    Metal Gear Solid

    I was wonding if anyone had any ideas of anymore classic playstation games that I could add to my collection, or that are just really kick ass Playstation games?
  • Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Working Designs
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Working Designs
    Star Ocean: The 2nd Story - Enix
    Front Mission 3 - Square
    Vagrant Story - Square
    Vangaurd Bandits - Working Designs

    Those are just ones i can name off the top of my head. Oh, and i named the publisher. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • For the moment one more I think you could add to that is Castlevania:Symphony Of The Night.Might be a bit tricky to find but it's well worth it.If i think of more I'll add them in.
  • Wow that Front Mission 3 looks really cool. I looked at a reveiw of it.

    Is there a Front Mission 2 and 1? I doubt it, the title probablly goes with the story rite?

    Well if there is any others people can come up with I would gladly apprecaite it.
  • Even though I've evolved, there are some PS titles I'll never part with.

    Tomb Raider
    Tomb Raider II
    Tomb Raider III
    Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
    Tomb Raider Chronicles
    Hot Shots Golf
    Hot Shots Golf 2
    Tekken 3
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
    Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX
    Metal Gear Solid

    As I said, I've evolved to PS2 games, but the replay value on these as far as I'm concerned means they will always be in my library of games.
  • [B] Well there are many :

    Matal gear Solid
    Harvest moon: Back to nature ( favorite of all)
    SyphonFilter 1,2,3
    Final Fantasy 7
    Formula1 games
    Breath of fire3
    Medal of honor
    Medal of Honor: underground
    Need for speed (any)
    Maga man Legends....

    There are still some but I can't remember!!!!
  • ooooh Hot Shots golf is great. Probably the best golf game on PSX (I think Tiger takes the cake on PS2).

    Try the original Ape Escape, and if you've got friends (who has them nowadays?) might wanna check out Bishi Bashi Special. Funny stuff there.
  • I found the Crash Bandicoot series pretty awesome. That is from someone that sticks mostly to RPGs.
  • Originally posted by badboy 3223@Apr 1 2003, 05:35 AM
    Wow that Front Mission 3 looks really cool. I looked at a reveiw of it.

    Is there a Front Mission 2 and 1? I doubt it, the title probablly goes with the story rite?

    Well if there is any others people can come up with I would gladly apprecaite it.

    Theyre for the SNES if i am correct and i think FM 1 hasnt eben released outside Japan.
  • My favorite ps1 games are: 1.Metal Gear Solid
    2.Tekken 3
    3.WWF Smackdown
    4.WWF Smackdown 2
    5.ECW Hardcore Revoltution
    6.Jedi Power Battles
    7.WCW Mayhem
    8.Cool Boarders 3
    9.Final Fantasy 7
    10.Final Fantasy 8
    11.Tony Hawks 2
    12.Battle Arena Toshinden(My 1st Game)
  • The only FM title to make it's way to the states was number 3.
  • Cool so I think ill try to get Front Mission 3, mabey Vagrant story, im not shure about that one.
    I remmeber the first Tenchu game being really fun.

    My friend just moved and gave me some ps1 games. He gave me Ridge racer, an indy racer game, Gameday( the first one that came out) wcw Vs the World, and wcw mayehm. THe wrestling games suck.

    I had fun sitting down an laughing at the old graphics. Ridge racer made me smile, and Gameday made me laugh smile and krindge at the games graphics, is it me or does all the game day games use the exact same sound effects? :lol: The indy game was preety cool with is good trying to be simulation. I hate wrestling games and I hated the ones he gave me. So I guess I have some games to sell at Warrners. (a game collector in my area that trades and sells games and buys them)

    I dont think ill be able to part with ridge racer though.
  • I PMed you a link on why to get Vagrant Story, badboy. Let us know what you thought of it after reading the info in the site. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Okay Mad! I did read both the reveiws of the game and you were right. The game sounds like a kick ass videogames. Instant classic:

    Quote :Staff Review by Mike : "Vagrant Story was a classic as soon as it hit the shelves"

    Great gameplay with the new fighting system and tons of replay value. Once you beat the game you can save it and start a new game and it said that when you begin the game 80% of the it is open and when you beat it there is alot more side quests and things to expoler. :huh:

    Okay mad I guess it just didnt apeal to me at first but now its on my list!

    So I need to get Vagrant Story and Front Mission 3........... a'ight! :lol:
  • How come nobody has mentioned "The Italian Job"? That game is a "recent" release for PS1 and has some of the funniest voice acting ever. Sure it's just an altered version of Driver, but the story and acting are amazing.

    And you shouldn't forget Spiderman 1 & 2 and Road Rash 3D.
  • I would say get Legend of mana, the Arc the Lad collection, and Dragon Warrior 7
  • I have most of the ff games, the gta games, the tomb raider games, and (hiding my head in shame) Who wants to be a millionaire! I also have the Spyro games and the Xena game (hey, it looked good at the time!!!!!) :D
  • Originally posted by spiderklown@Apr 7 2003, 09:12 AM
    I would say get Legend of mana, the Arc the Lad collection, and Dragon Warrior 7

    I herd Legend of Mana wasnt that good. I know the one for the SNES was good though.
    And isnt Arc the lad collection like the 2d flat Finalfantasy 1-6 kinds? I can never get into those RPG's well except Crono Trigger for that matter.
  • When my other half and I bought our house last year, we pooled together all our unwanted games and hardware and gaming stuff to buy one of those attractive little handbags ;). The games that we kept are (from memory), in my opinion, classics for the PlayStation:

    Resident Evil (Director's Cut)
    Resident Evil: Nemesis
    Medal of Honor
    Medal of Honor: Underground
    Parasite Eve II
    Heart of Darkness (with 3D glasses!)
    Sheep, Dog and Wolf (OK, maybe not such a classic, but worth keeping for replay and entertainment value).

  • I would have to say most of the FF games's. Vagrant Story and Tencho.
  • Badboy Arc is more like FF Tactics than the first six FF, and Legend of Mana is a good game if you're a RPG fanatic like me but it does have its down side.
  • Basically, Legend of Mana is a very cutesy game so if you don't like that kind of stuff then you won't like the game. I for one enjoyed the game and hope that there will be another title in the series(other than the GBA port).
  • What about Blaster Master? The one for the PS1. I remmeber playing the original one for the NES. Well I have it, on my computer.

    I was just wondering if you would consider it a classic. I saw it for sale at Block Busters for $15.99
  • this one is easy

    resident evil
    and resident evil 2

    nuff' said
  • Originally posted by oddish182000@Apr 11 2003, 04:27 AM
    this one is easy

    resident evil
    and resident evil 2

    nuff' said

    well I already got those, well I have RE for the GC and RE2 for the PS1.
  • My alltime fav. game has to be:

    007 Tomorrow Never Dies

    It is wikid! B)

    I forgot about Tony Hawk 4!

    Soz evry1 this is a definite candidate!

    Did a quick edit for you Sammy-next time feel free to edit into the post instead of making another. :) Also please refrain from the ALL CAPS-we're not deaf yet,no need to shout! ;)
  • hey everyone 4got about the italian job.....
  • how about you get rid of all others and leave it at ff 7 cos compared to this game, i must admit althought brilliiant even the other ff's suck compared to this, it is the greatest game ever, i no what im talking about as i have beaten ruby and who can say they have done that, but if you want to ad more to your list then how about
    gran turismo 1 + 2
    pro evo 2
    metal gear solid
  • Hey anyone remmeber that game called "Silent Bomber" ? I remmeber it coming out a long time ago and it looked really cool. I even have a poster of it, i was just wondering if anyone has it and if it is good or not? :2cool:
  • I reckon the crash bandicoot series is wicked But it got a bit repetetive after a while :tired:. Also the Tomb raider series was brill :woot: But that got a bit repetetive 2!
  • i can remember playing metal gera solid through with my mate it was the most slick game i had ever played (at the time) :clap:
  • I remmember having endless fun with RoadRash 3d, but I sold it :doh: :bash: mabey I should go get that one again? :unsure:
  • How about Demolition Derby . That could have been a great game if they would have added some proper details , like more cars and tracks and a more realistic season . It is an ancient game compared to most others listed so far . You have to love the Armored Core series for getting together with your friends and bashing it out too .
  • The best ps1 wrestling game has got be smackdown! 1. Final Fantasy 7 is pretty good. Umm... Crash Bandicoot was good in the first couple of games and the most iritating fun game has got to be the Tomb Raider series.
  • HELLO! one of the best games for ps1 is Legend of the Dragoon! come on how could you people not have that on there?
  • Some of you may not have herd of this game but gauntlet legends is a pretty classic and good game! :cunning: :rules:

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