• It is indeed Jerry - a day in the Corps is like a day on the farm... :o

    you're back to the plate amigo.
  • Alrighty, then. Try this one on for size...

    "It is your corrupt we claim.
    It is your evil that will be sought by us.
    With every breath, we shall hunt them down.
    Each day we will spill their blood, 'til it rains down from the skies."
  • Jerry

    I think the film is "The Boondock Saints" but I cant remember the character name - it was an Irish first name tho....
  • Aye, laddy.

    I kinda threw you a curve there, as those lines are given by two characters, Connor and Murphy. Fine Irish-American lads with a penchant for slaying the wicked.

    Well played, Rory. It's your turn, give us a good one.
  • Grrr not a bit wonder didnt know the name.

    well if you are going to play rough....

    "I didn't surrender, but they took my horse and made him surrender
  • That's Chief Dan George from The Outlaw Josey Wales. I don't recall the name of his character, though.
  • This seems to becoming a game of brinkmanship between thee and me, my friend.

    You are indeed right - one of my all time favourites movies.

    and the character name was - Lone Watie.

    You are back at the plate.
  • That story borrowed heavily from the life of Jesse James, at least from his time with "Bloody" Bill Anderson.

    OK Rory, here goes a line from one of my favorite westerns...

    "Aw, Come on, Speed! Don't die on me now!"
  • Jerry

    I am at a loss, either its Monday morning and my brain isnt firing yet, or i simply dont know it.

    any further clues?
  • OK.

    Same movie, same character (Big fat clue included)

    "Easy, Towfield! You're messin' up my good luck bandana!"
  • mmm - *scratches chin*

    ...Goin' South...? maybe Jack Nicholsons character....?
  • "This is a chemical burn. It will hurt more than you've ever been burned before. You will have a scar."

    I bet you guys won't get this one! :o
  • Tyler durden from fight club
  • good job, i'm impressed :)
  • What about:

    "Your my boy Blue.......Your my boy"
  • dono but if i get it can i quote from eny movie?
  • Thats the idea Martin, you guess the answer and you get to ask the next one if you are right.

    Mike, would it be something to do with an old education establishment, maybe a school??
  • Your on the right track rory!

    You almost have the answer in your response.
  • that or a father figure
  • Ok, I will hazard a guess at

    Old School

    with Will Ferrell, but I havent a clue as to the character
  • Thats close enough for me. The floor is yours...

    Oh yeah, the character is Frank the Tank
  • OK

    "Run rabbit run"

    its a bit scary
  • Pink Floyd - Breathe

    *Oops. I'm in the wrong thread...*
  • i dono but there is a song run rabbit run rabbit run run run
  • run rabbit run was a wartime song in the 1940s
  • nope, not a wartime movie, nor is it Pink Floyd related - but it could be a metaphor for the relationship between Gilmour and Waters.... :rolleyes:

    It is however a horror movie from the last 5 years
  • Chris S STAFF said:
    Pink Floyd - Breathe

    *Oops. I'm in the wrong thread...*

    he was in the rong thread and i was just tlk'n about a song not a movie. there is a 1940's war time song called run rabbit run
  • the guy who is loping people to bitz is saying run rabbit run. coz the people he is after are running away?
  • Now look what I've started...:eek:

    I've told myself 1000 times not to clown around...

    freddy vs jason?
    1 of the scery movie's
    1 of the saws
    wolf creek

    is it eny of them?
  • :huh:

    yes, the killer is saying "run rabbit run"

    the movie was made in the past 5 years

    and there might just have been one thousand dead bodies.......
  • i know that movie ummm it's somthing like house of a thousand dead bodys or zombies or somthing like that
  • no its bodies it's house of a thousand dead bodies gotta run about 2 mis the bus
  • Martin
    You are getting close, but its not zombies or bodies... :o
  • That quote was from "The Devil's Rejects" wasn't it?.
  • i dono but i saw a movie ad afew years back for a movie called house of one thousand ____________ but i canot remember the final word.
  • corpses thats it ,house of 1000 corpses. thats the movie
  • Thats it Martin, House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

    Its your turn to put a quote up for the attention of the class!
  • ok now i dono about this quote coz its from a aussi movie but if u asked eny aussi they would get it.

    "tell em is dream'n"

    giv it ago but if u canot get it ill quote a dif movie

    good luk
  • ok i did this quote in may and no 1 has got it so its THE CASTLE
    like 1 of the best ausy movies eva gotta see it if u can find it over ther in the US

    ok new quote

    ahhh got one but i gotta doble check it back in about 2 hours with it
  • this is from a black n' white movie so im not sure about it

    3 clues are avalible

    "No Jonny No, not the Melbourne method 2 hours and for what the guy in Melbourne was just as dead as the guy is london":o
  • Ahhh....Peter Lorre in Arsenic and Old Lace.
  • Yep your right

    ( its my favorite blk&white movie )

    your turn
  • Thankee, Sai. Long days and cool nights to ya.

    "Easy Towfield.....you're messin' up my good luck bandana!"
  • Jerry M STAFF said:
    Thankee, Sai. Long days and cool nights to ya.

    "Easy Towfield.....you're messin' up my good luck bandana!"

    "Goin South" 1978

    Goin' South (1978)
  • You sir, are correct. That is the film. I believe that some time ago we started including the character or actor who spoke the lines along with the movie in the response, but that is absolutely the film. This thread has been around a long time, and was started as a sequel when the original thread became too big and was closed. I contributed largely to both threads, and I (am I alone in this?) would like to see the rules followed, as I believe it makes the game more fun.

    I'll give you a pass on this one, go ahead and pick a good one and let's keep the ball rolling here.
  • Nec....are you out there?
  • been a while since a reply, can i have a go?

    Its an easy one to get things moving again...

    "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"
  • is that monty python's life of Brian

    were the crowd is out side his house and his mum says that.

    new quote is

    "Mortimer were back!"
  • blues brothers?...........
  • nope it's not the blues brothers
  • Coming to America

    new quote - "I'll do it for a caravan"
  • snatch
    "Nature will find a way."
  • ah i fink i have seen this movie
  • oh no i heard that quoted on a Simpson's ep, the one with blinky
  • sfjp said:
    "Nature will find a way."
    That's from Jurassic Park. It was spoken by both Jeff Goldblum's character and Sir Richard Attenboro's character.
  • correct a mundo i love those films
  • Alrighty then, have at it.

    "Sir!...Sir!...Here's a good stick, to beat the lovely lady."

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