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  • Just curious, how did some of you come up with your usernames. Do they have a certain meaning or do they just sound cool?

    My username before my staff account was SpeedDemon. I was really into cars when I joined and I loved racing games, Gran Turismo 2 especially. I don't remember how I came up with speed and demon together, but when I did it just sounded badass.

    How about you guys?
  • My username before the STAFF handle was "RedKennypup2004".

    What it consists of is:
    Red: My favorite videogame character. Red from Final Fantasy VII.
    Kenny: A guy who I had a major crush on at the time.
    Pup: Referring to my love for canines.
    2004: The year I graduated from High school.

    Of course, only a few months later I started dating Scott STAFF and he told me that I should change my name to RedSCOTTYpup2004 since I had a major crush on him.

    That suggestion died pretty quickly though.:)
  • Wow, very interesting Melinda...;)

    Mine before i became a staff member was robcoxy. Mainly because Rob being my first name and Coxy being my nickname through school. Therefore it made a good username...:)
  • i have a user name Gibson_LP thats coz i play the guitar and see them as a artwork as well as a instrument. Gibson Les Paul being a guitar.
  • Well i picked gladius as a tribute the the ps2 game called gladius because i think it was great. I was going to use Kraw as my name at first since that is what i use for most of the games i play online but i decided not too.
  • i not to sure how i came up with mine but the steelcity part is what they call the city i come from (sheffield) and the surfer part is because im all ways on the web :)
  • Zeppi is Joe in Maltese :) Joseph being my name :p
  • Lets see..

    Nec was my nick back in high school.

    NecroshineX (PSN): Necroshine is a song from a favorite local band of mine OVERKILL.
  • Mind came from the old Transformers series. I thought it would be neat to be something different from everyone else. Something no one has heard of ;) julie
  • Well before i got married i was Jane S Staff - but then i married chris N staff and became Jane N staff!!

    Pre that - i was oddish182000 - Oddish as someone once said to me i was a bit odd - 'Jane your odd-ish!!' Then somene else told me it was a pokemon so it just stuck!
    The 182000 thing was 2000 was the year i turned 18 and the year i got my PS1

    Great topic and names guys!
  • i took my nickname from a game called (01 SHOTOKO BATTLE)i was gonna make it
    NO_ONE_BEST but it was too long so i made it N.O.B

    is it great?
  • I design, fabricate and/or print and install all types of signage
    form electric and neon signs to wide format printed signs and auto wraps.

    Its also the name of my business Ithaca Sign Pros in Ithaca, NY
    (Cornell Univ.) :rolleyes:
  • I am just who I am.

    My older brother and I used to hang out a lot back in the day and when he retired from the internet scene, I took over the username. If you don't know me as madhtr, then you don't know me.
  • My username was made here in 1998, so I can't remember why I chose it, but this time I chose it, because it brings back memories. :)
  • My user name is Tidus2222
    -Tidus Is My Favorite Vdieogame Character from Final Fantasy X and 2222 because Ilike even numbers and my Two FavoriteNumbers Are 2 An 4
  • cool,
    mines my initials with my email adress attached cos i screwed up the form.
  • Sfjp, you know we can change it if you want to...
  • Yep, it'll be an easy fix- if you ask nicely....;)
  • Rob C STAFF said:
    Yep, it'll be an easy fix- if you ask nicely....;)

    Do I get to pull out the hammers again if he doesn't?;)
  • yeh if you dont mind just to sfjp please.
  • Put the hammers away Mel- honestly, sometimes you are just too eager to make use of those. Go pick on Rob with them for a while if you must. :p

    Consider it done, Sam- I'll change it now.
  • thanks mate much appreciated
  • Go pick on Rob with them for a while if you must.

    Aww not again, i thought it was someone else's turn...:( Go easy on me Mel, not like last time..:eek:
  • mine, well, i LOVE Poker, and my second name is DONlan. All my friends call me DON.

    So there you go, POKERDON, and ithought it sounded pretty cool, but i am a saddo!!!!!
  • when i use to play runescape mine was screaming chicken tho i had to shorten it to Scrmn_Chkn to make it fit (screaming chicken is the nickname for the 1980 Pontiac firebird).

    i also just made one "the ghost of GnR past" for my school website, i really like that and plan to use it again.

    here is the ideas that came to gather to make it

    -we had just got out of English and were studying a Christmas carol
    -guns n' roses are my favorite band.
    -but shamefully axle rose stuffed the band up didn't he

    so my name is pretty much remembering the good times when gunners were one of the greatest bands ever
  • hey you said higher up on the thread that you can change sfjp's name.

    can you please change mine to "Ghost of Gn'r Past" because i don't really want use my real name on the net.
  • hey cool thanks guys!
  • Mine is simply my initials followed by my birthday. Easy to remember.
  • Raziel is one of my fav characters ( from one of my fav video games "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" )
    He's sort of an angel of death :D
  • one day several years ago, i was trying to make an aim account, and everything i put in had already been taken, so i was getting frustrated, i sat did some random research of names threw it together and been reppin it ever since, works for everything and its unique and literally NO one else uses it, its also on the back of all of my vehicles now!
  • Woodrow is my last name and 13 is my favorite number, simple.
  • My username blackhawk97 comes from a game called warhawk thats were i get the hawk part then black my favourite colour and 97 when i was born.

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