Whats your ideal job??
  • Ok so we have the thread on what your doing now...but in an ideal world what would you love to be doing??

    I would love to be a tattoo artist!!!! It must be such an amazing feeling putting your 'art' permanantly on someones body!!!

    Either that or a photographer - weddings, formula 1, winter sports, bands, medical stuff etc - i wouldlove to do that!!
  • For me, the ideal job wold be either a Astronomer, Paleontologist or Marine Biologist.
  • My ideal job would be to own a bar. I currently work as a bartender, and I love it. My job can be annoying at times, but for the most part I have a blast doing it. I make a decent living, most of which comes in cash :D . Owning a bar would be a lot more hassle, but I could see how it would be fun.

    Will I ever own my bar?? Probably not. I am currently applying to graduate schools in the area of health administration and/or orthotics and prosthetics.
  • I always think that if i won the lottery i would love to run my own Games Shop.

    Not the most glamourous job i know, but it would keep me busy, AND let me play games a lot more........lol!!!
  • Im in an interesting pickle now concerning jobs.

    A regular of mine is a bar manager for a night club in down town charlotte. She has told me if I wanted a part time job down there she would do it for me.

    I have always wanted to do the nightclub thing, but I am comfortable with my job now. I make pretty decent money and have to potential to top out very high if we are busy enough. I have also worked for the company for 3 years and get a good hourly rate so I make money regardless on whether we are busy or not.

    Some of the big city night clubs don't stay open very long, but it is exciting and I don't know if I want to do it or stay
  • First, if I could have ANY job, I would be a lady. Not just anatomically, but like the gentlemen of the crown's court...I'd like to get paid just to be in an inner circle. Doubt anything like that exists nowadays and if it does...I highly doubt I could get into something like that right now.

    Logistically speaking though...
    My absolute ideal job would be a playwright. Although novelists and poets make a decent living in writing I think being a playwright is far more interesting. Why?

    It's a little easier to get your stuff copyrighted. There's no rejection. All you have to do is send your stuff in to the library of congress and boom! It's set, and it's yours!

    You get to meet several interesting people. People in theater are usually very interpersonal, and very outgoing. It's great to talk to them, and even greater when you see them say lines/move correctly exactly the way it's pictured in your head when you write it. That's satisfying in itself.

    Writing a script is hard, but once you get one done it gets easier and easier. Compared to poetry and fiction and other creative writing where the author has several venues to tell a story, the script only has two parts. Dialogue being one and actions being the other. Making the dialogue seem natural without being too much of a reader feeder is what I find challenging and fun about a script.

    There's more than just this but if I kept going you guys would be falling asleep. Anyway, my ideal job would be a playwright. Thank you very much!
  • i would LOVE to draw magna!!! i've started drawing one called Black Fang. i only have one wolf drawing tho...
  • wow where to start where to start hmmmmmm................(this goes on for about an hour) Well... I have narrowed it down to five posible things.
    1. the one thing I absoulutly inspire to do! Game design. hope fully sign up with valve or independant.
    2. If the above doesnt work out, Test drive cars. Fast cars ;)
    3. simialar to above test pilot.
    4. Demo work. If not only for the explosions. ;)
    5. And finally writer, creative. I have a few pages of writing which I planned on makeing into a short book. But havent worked on it in ages.

    But got to finish High School first.
    Then I'll see where the roads of fate take me.