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playstation 3 price

PlayStation 3 Hardware Guide

Following a press conference on the 8th May 2006, Sony confirmed all of the major details about their new Sony Playstation3 ( PS3 ), such as the PlayStation 3 price and release date and how many of these game consoles will be available to buy. Amazingly, there will be more than one version of the PS3, but probably the biggest shock was that there has been quite a few changes to the hardware from what was originally announced; including how it will look !

Now that we know exactly what is happening to the PlayStation3 game console, the time is now right for the ultimate guide to the PS3.

We have written this PS3 FAQ in plain English and have explained as many of the technical terms as possible; so you can impress your friends with your new knowledge.

New sections to this PS3 guide will appear regularly.

ps3 HDTV Guide ps3 console black ps3 confused

HDTV Guide

If you still own an 'old fashioned' television, then buying a Sony PS3 game console may be just the right time to think about getting a new one.

Take a look online, or in the electrical stores and you will see a huge choice of HDTV sets available.

We have prepared an easy to understand guide to the world of High Definition TV, so that you can decide for yourself if it's time to upgrade.

linkHDTV Guide

Playstation 3 - Specification

Straight from the pen of Sony Computer Entertainment themselves, here is the complete specification of the Playstation 3 games console.

We will be explaining what each of the items in this list actually mean in a future guide, but here is the raw data just to get you started.

linkPlayStation 3 specification

linkPlayStation 3 Price

linkPlaystation 3 Release Date

Your views on the PS3

Let's hear what you have to say about the new Playstation 3 console...

Too expensive, too cheap ?

With it be a success or a failure and are you going to buy one ?

linkTell us your PS3 Console views

linkRead PS3 Console comments

ps3 controller joypad black    

PS3 Guide - Controller

Forget the stupid silver boomerang you saw last year, Sony have finally come to their senses and given us a controller to be proud of .

The controller may look the same, but inside hides some amazing secrets that could change the way we play games forever.

The following guide will explain everything about the PS3 joypad in very easy to understand language.

linkPS3 Controller Guide


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