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playstation 3 price

PlayStation 3 Price Guide

At last the secrets are all out !

Find out below exactly how much the PlayStation 3 will cost you around the world and when you can expect to get your hands on it.

Supplies are sure to be short, so we are preparing a guide that will give you the best chance of getting one when they very first appear.


ps3 console black ps2 controller black up close ps2 controller black up close

PS3 Availability

Sony have confirmed that there will be 500,000 PS3 consoles available at launch.

100 Thousand PS3 in Japan/Asia
400 Thousand PS3 in USA

Sony hope to have shipped a total of 2 million PlayStation3 consoles before Dec 31st 2006 and 6 million by 1st April 2007. They have warned not to expect this many actually available for sale, as they take time to get from the factory to the retailers.

Shortages in components that are needed to make the game console mean that these numbers are constantly changing and should therefore be used only as a guide.

Playstation 3 Release Date

November 17th 2006 is the launch date for the PlayStation 3 game console in the following areas:


November 11th 2006 is the PS3 launch date in the following areas:


March 2007 is the launch date for the PlayStation3 game console in the following areas:


Playstation 3 Price

The price of a new PS3 game console will be as follows:

Country PS3 20GB PS3 60GB
USA Dollar 499 599
EUROPE Euro 499 599
JAPAN Yen 49980 Open
UK Pound 340 409
CANADA Dollar 549 659
AUSTRALIA Dollar 835 1000

In Late September 2006, the 20GB PS3 price was reduced (in Japan only) to aproximately:

420 US Dollars
335 Euro
225 GB Pounds





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