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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Silent Hill cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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TO get the good ending in the hospital go top the
kitchen and pick up a bottle from around the sink and in
the room with the red liquid on the floor. use the bottle
and collect some of the liquid!

now went your fighting cybil just before she hit's
you use the liquid and save her from death. now at the end
cybil help you and you fight a demon!

By: dave woolley

The four special weapons

1.Rock drill
2.Chain saw and 
3.Gasline can

  Both the bad ending will let you get the Rock 
drill,Chain saw and Gasline can.  When you beat the game with a
good ending,you will be rewarded with the Katana to get the katana
you will need to enter the room that waspreviously locked in the
hallway of the first house you  entered in old silent hill . if
you entered game with the best ending, you will also get access to
the channeling stone.In addition to all the new items you will get a
couple new options in the expanded options screen.

1. On top of the alternate school
2. right outside the alternate Hospital
       (Before fighting the Moth)
3. In front of the Hotel
4. IN the boat
5. Inside the Light house 

Submitted By:: Adrian Salenga or LiL WeENeE

Enter the "Options" screen from the main menu or
item screen and press L1, L2, R1, or R2. Then an
"Extra Options" menu will appear with the following

Weapon Control: Press/Switch
Blood Color: Normal/Green/Violet/Black
View Control: Normal/Reverse
Retreat Turn: Normal/Reverse
Walk/Run Control: Normal/Reverse
Auto Aiming: On/Off

Select your handgun and use it against the flying enemies and dogs because
twohanded weapons are to slow and the handgun allows you too postion
yourself easier because these type of monsters can injure you fast

Submitted but NOT tested By: natasha simms


There are five keys that don't play a note.
Number them from 1 to 5 from left to right in your
If you cannot work out the puzzle on the wall
(black keys are
Ravens and Crows because they are black) then press
the blank
keys in this order:  2 (white), 4 (white), 5,  3
(white),  1

If you don't understand this then do it this way.
 2 4   7 9  11
1 3 5 6 8 10  12

Now press these keys: 3, 10, 11, 8, 2.

Easy... count arms and legs and insert number.
eg  Fish have no legs but Bull has four and crab
has ten.

Arrange names in order of age and take initials to
form the word ALERT.

More tips in Silent Hill WALKTHROUGH by SPIT

Saving ammo on dogs:

If you want to save ammo when killing dogs, use a two handed weapon such
as steel pipe or pick axe. Wait for a dog to hit you once and when it runs
round in a circle wait and as soon as it faces youagain press action and
when it jumps up your weapon will come back down and hit it. Do this a
couple of times until you kill it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: D Jay

Saving ammo on dogs:

If you want to save ammo when killing dogs, use a two handed weapon such
as steel pipe or pick axe. Wait for a dog to hit you once and when it runs
round in a circle wait and as soon as it faces youagain press action and
when it jumps up your weapon will come back down and hit it. Do this a
couple of times until you kill it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: D Jay

KEYS of loin,woodsmen,and scarecrow:

the key of the lion is in the cop car with the trunk open.
the key of the woodsman is in the basket ball court beside the rotten
head.the key of the scarecrow is at one end of the map where it ends you
will find a board you can walk acrossed it close to the key of the

Submitted and FULLY tested By: mattman


when in levels that have flying monsters in them shoot the monster till it
drops to ground. HOLD IT DON'T SHOOT!. Now you will waste a bullet
shooting now simpley walk up to the monster release R2 make shore your
close to the monster, like on it's head. and press X  or equip your steel
pipe a take a swing!!!!!. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: helpful simon


you don't need to switch to a pipe to finish off an enemy.  as soon as
you knock it down by shooting, you can stomp or kick it. It gives me a
lot more satisfaction to stomp on them. Try it. it will give you more

Submitted and FULLY tested By: harry's other daughter


1st you must beat the game once and start the new fear game, aquire
the pendant from the gas station and use it in these areas=
 on the school rooftop ( near where you have to use the rubber ball).
inside the hospital gates before fighting the giant moth the hotel
parking lot before kauffman takes the aglophotis bottle from you
inside the boat after meeting cybil finally on the lighthouse top
enjoy the ending!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Marcus Castano


where to get the shoutgun in the hunted school.:
After getting the yellow key card use it in the in the hunted door
with three slots after you get throuh go into the boys bathroom walk
all the way down and press action.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: artem skripkin

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Reverse Joker Command D00BC76C ????
Infinite Health 300BA0BD 0040
800BA0BE 0006
Infinite Ammo All Weapons/No Reload 800BA008 0001
Infinite All Items 1 50002804 0000
300BCA35 00FF
Infinite All Items 2 8005346E 2400
Always First Save 800BCADA 0000
Game Time is 0:0:0 800BCC84 0000
800BCC86 0000
Have Map 800BCB98 0002
Completed Map 800BCC08 FFFF
Maxium Brightness in Options 300BC74B 001F
Roller Skate Mode 800BA132 3800
Radio Always On 800BCAE0 0001
Flashlight Always On 800BC35C 0100
Walk Thru Walls 8006A5B8 A997
8006A5BA 0801
8006A694 A9AE
8006A696 0801
Quick Load [Note 1] D00BC76C 0110
800BCCBC 0008
Control Demo Mode [Note 2] D00BC76C 0100
800BCCB2 00E0
D00BC76C 0100
800BC258 0004
Have All Weapons [Note 3] 50000404 0001
300BCA34 00A0
50000304 0001
300BCA44 0080
50000404 0001
300BCA50 0084
300BCA60 00E2
Have Max Slots 300BCADF 0028
Weapon-in-Hand Modifier 300BCADE 00??
Inventory Modifier Codes
Slot 1-Max 255 800BCA34 FF??
Slot 2-Max 255 800BCA38 FF??
Slot 3-Max 255 800BCA3C FF??
Slot 4-Max 255 800BCA40 FF??
Slot 5-Max 255 800BCA44 FF??
Slot 6-Max 255 800BCA48 FF??
Slot 7-Max 255 800BCA4C FF??
Slot 8-Max 255 800BCA50 FF??
Slot 9-Max 255 800BCA54 FF??
Slot 10-Max 255 800BCA58 FF??
Slot 11-Max 255 800BCA5C FF??
Slot 12-Max 255 800BCA60 FF??
Slot 13-Max 255 800BCA64 FF??
Slot 14-Max 255 800BCA68 FF??
Slot 15-Max 255 800BCA6C FF??
Slot 16-Max 255 800BCA70 FF??
Slot 17-Max 255 800BCA74 FF??
Slot 18-Max 255 800BCA78 FF??
Slot 19-Max 255 800BCA7C FF??
Slot 20-Max 255 800BCA80 FF??
Slot 21-Max 255 800BCA84 FF??
Slot 22-Max 255 800BCA88 FF??
Slot 23-Max 255 800BCA8C FF??
Slot 24-Max 255 800BCA90 FF??
Slot 25-Max 255 800BCA94 FF??
Slot 26-Max 255 800BCA98 FF??
Slot 27-Max 255 800BCA9C FF??
Slot 28-Max 255 800BCAA0 FF??
Slot 29-Max 255 800BCAA4 FF??
Slot 30-Max 255 800BCAA8 FF??
Slot 31-Max 255 800BCAAC FF??
Slot 32-Max 255 800BCAB0 FF??
Slot 33-Max 255 800BCAB4 FF??
Slot 34-Max 255 800BCAB8 FF??
Slot 35-Max 255 800BCABC FF??
Slot 36-Max 255 800BCAC0 FF??
Slot 37-Max 255 800BCAC4 FF??
Slot 38-Max 255 800BCAC8 FF??
Slot 39-Max 255 800BCACC FF??
Slot 40-Max 255 800BCAD0 FF??
Quantity Items to Accompany Inventory Modifier
20 - Health Drink
21 - First Aid Kit
22 - Ampoule
40 - Lobby Key
41 - House Key
42 - Key of Lion
43 - Key of Woodman
44 - Key of Scarecrow
45 - Library Reserve Key
46 - Classroom Key
47 - K.Gordon Key
48 - Drawbridge Key
49 - Basement Key
4A - Basement Storeroom Key
4B - Examination Room Key
4C - Antique Shop Key
4D - Sewer Key
4E - Key of Ophiel
4F - Key of Hagith
50 - Key of Phaleg
51 - Key of Bethor
52 - Key of Aratron
53 - Note: To School
54 - Note:Doghouse
55 - Picture Card
57 - Sewer Exit Key
58 - Channeling Stone
60 - Chemical
61 - Gold Medallion
62 - Silver Medallion
63 - Rubber Ball
64 - Flauros
65 - Plastic Bottle
66 - Unknown Liquid
67 - Plate of Turtle
68 - Plate of Hatter
69 - Plate of Cat
6A - Plate of Queen
6B - Blood Pack
6C - Disinfecting Alcohol
6D - Lighter
6E - Video Tape
70 - Kaufmann Key
71 - Receipt
72 - Safe Key
73 - Magnet
74 - Motorcycle Key
75 - Bird Cage Key
76 - Pliers
77 - Screwdriver
78 - Camera
79 - Ring of Contact
7A - Stone of Time
7B - Amulet of Solomon
7C - Crest of Mercury
7D - Ankh
7E - Dagger of Melchior
7F - Disk of Ouroboros
80 - Kitchen knife
81 - Steel Pipe
82 - Rock Drill
84 - Hammer
85 - Chain Saw
86 - Katana
87 - Axe
A0 - Handgun
A1 - Hunting Rifle
A2 - Shotgun
A3 - Hyper Blaster
C0 - Handgun Bullets
C1 - Rifle Shells
C2 - Shotgun Shells
E0 - Flashlight
E1 - Pocket Radio
E2 - Gasoline Tank

Note 1: Enter the save game screen and press Up +
L2. Only use this code at the save game screen.

Note 2: At the title screen, press L2. Then, wait
for the demo to begin.

Note 3: This code overwrites other items unless a
new game is started.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Michael Butler

Press select for health restore:
Press L2 and triangle for handgun:
Press L2 and circle for rifle:
Press L2 and Return-Path

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