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TEKKEN 2 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Tekken 2 cheats and tips. This is a Fighting PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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 Different Victory Endings
After defeating one opponent, hold on to either X, Circle, Square or 
during the replay. Your character will do a certain victory move 
depending on
which button you hold. Some charcters contain SECRET victory moves.

Joseph Riquelme


On the "Arrow" Buttons.......

UB=Up Backward, U=Up, UF=Up Forward, B=Backward, F=Forward

DB=Down Backwards, D=Down, DF=Down Forward, 

On the "Symbol" Buttons.......

RP=Right Punch, LP=Left Punch, RK=Right Kick, LK=Left Kick

To play as Kazuna- 
Finish game as one of the sub bosses 
To play as Devil/Angel- 
Fininsh game as Kazuna 
To get Purpole cloaked Kazua- 
Hold select while selecting Kazuna (All Characters must be selected) 
To get big head mode- 
Hold select while selecting character 
To get Bigger head & arms- 
Do the above then when the continue sceen appears hold selectr until fight starts again. 


HOLD UP and SELECT as you choose your character. You will be able to knock your opponent up into the sky with a swift

Continually press PUNCH or KICK while selcting your fighter

Select a fighter in PRACTICE MODE and then dont do anything for a while. Soon you will see the thoughts of your fighter. 

Play as ROGER or ALEX:
Select any fighter in ARCADE mode, beat the first two opponents, on the final round of the third fight, wait until you energy has
almost dissapeared before defeating your foe. The commentator will shout GREAT! and Roger/Alex will then be available on
the character selection screen.

Play as the Bosses:
Exactly as in the origional Tekken, you must firstly beat all of the other fighters (including the bosses) before the sub-bosses are
added to the available user players.

Child Size Fighters:
Hold the SELECT key when you choose your fighter and continue to hold it untill the game starts.

Wire Frame Boxers:
Hold L1 and L2 while you pick your character - this only works in 1 player survival mode (Submitted by: Francisco)

Secret characters
     Two of the secret characters are random fighters that pop up every once in a while during a game against the
computer. They are Roger the Kangaroo and Alex the Lizard. Roger and Alex borrow techniques from many
characters, particularly King. Roger is a cute, furry little Kangaroo sporting a pair of boxing gloves and Alex is an
ugly, man-sized lizard. Despite their humorous appearances, take them seriously. If you lose against them, your
game is over. 

Because the roster of playable characters has been expanded, there is also a new sub-boss. His name is Bruce.
He is a vicious Thai boxer with a mohawk. He is Lei's sub-boss, so start a game against the computer with Lei to
see him. After your fighter defeats his sub-boss, he fights Kazuya. He was the star character of the original
Tekken, so it's only fair that he remains in the sequel. If you defeat Kazuya, you are not finished. You have to go
up against the Devil himself. Devil is a purple winged demon who bears a striking resemblance to Kazuya. He
shoots unblockable laser beams from his forehead (these must be ducked) when he is standing and flying. When
he flies, try to run behind him and perform a back throw when he lands.

Attack strings:
The attack strings are a series of punch or kick attacks characters can execute. If successfully executed, these
attacks can do a considerable amount of damage to your opponent. However, they can be escaped, blocked, or
counter-attacked. Variations can be performed on the attack strings, but you must follow the described moves
here to achieve the full ten hits. These attacks are impressive to witness and hard to block if part of the string

Hard pouncing:
Long range pounces used after knocking your opponent down generally won't connect. Fallen opponents can rise
quickly, making those old Tekken techniques obsolete. Only very hard hits can make your opponents slow to rise.
You will still be able to use the pounces once in a while, but you will have to know when those hard hits will
occur. If you are still intent on making a pounce use the small pounces by just tapping Up when you do it. It's a
little less risky.

Rising attacks:
In addition to being able to rise more quickly in Tekken 2, you can also feel a little more safe while you do so.
You now have more options while you are getting up, and your rising attacks are more deadly. A rising kick (high
or low) will knock a nearby opponent off his feet, which may make him think twice about harassing you when
you're down. Tapping the joypad forward or backward will cause you to roll towards or away from the opponent
as you rise. A helpful addition to this is being able to roll to the side onto your stomach. You do this by tapping left
punch. A typical sequence with a kick would go like this: tap left punch and right punch repeatedly while briefly
moving left and right. While you roll onto your stomach, tap left kick. There are lots of ways to vary your rising
attack, so experiment and find the sequence that works best for you. 

Back throws:
All the characters can throw from behind. When your opponent's back is to you, run up and perform a normal
throw (left punch and left kick or right punch and right kick). The back throws are spectacular and cause hefty
damage. King has two different back throws while everyone else has just one.

Attack reversals:
Nina, Jun and Paul have the power to reverse many of their opponents' attacks. Most attacks that target the torso
and head along with some special throws can be countered by these fighters. When an attack is reversed, the
results are dramatic. The reversals are usually spectacular throws that cause lots of damage. Jumping kicks and
even rising high kicks can be reversed. 

 Counter hits:
If someone attacks you and you hit them back with certain combinations, the result is a counter hit. It can result in
more damage and a more dramatic hit. Certain moves like King's Stomach Smash and Nina's Bone Cutter are
prime examples. When the Stomach Smash connects while an opponent is attacking, King can execute a throw
while the opponent is stunned. 

Trampling and tackling:
When your opponent is down and lies the other side of the screen, it is sometimes possible to run all the way over
to your opponent and step on him or her. From a distance, simply run by tapping forward a few times and hold
forward once you're dashing. Keep running and you will trample your opponent. Results are unpredictable. If your
opponent is standing by the time you get there, you can perform a tackle. All you have to do is keep running. If
your opponent attempts to attack you as you arrive, you will knock into him or her with your head. Keep pressing
left and right punches while tumbling.

If you want to see all the CG without finishing the game every time, 
have a
memory card with all 25 characters selectable, then load the game and 
on your system. At the black Playstation loading screen, press and 
DIAGONAL UP-RIGHT on the D-pad, CIRCLE, X and SELECT. Continue to 
hold all
the buttons until you see the "Namco Presents" screen fade out. You 
now then see a list of all the CG.

Ben Kursten

            S=square    C=Circle   T=Triangle
  found a never ending hit combo Jun!!!  On practice mode choose Jun
  Stand close to guy and press: S,C,C,C,S&C,T,S,C,C,C,S&C,T,S.....
  Supplied by :- KUJO  

kazuya's secret outfit:
Once you've got all the secret characters
plus kazuya,devil/angel,roger/alex
highlight kazuya and press start and kazuya will now have his third 
secret outfit

Submitted By:: charlie aytemiz

Go to player select  & press start on the 
character named Kazuya for purple

Submitted By: Lorenzo Vidales
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