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NFL Gameday 2004 PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

NFL Gameday 2004 PS2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Sony PlayStation2 guide to the game NFL Gameday 2004, it contains everything we currently know about NFL Gameday 2004 for the PS2 videogame console.

We will be updating the info on this page as soon as we get more news about NFL Gameday 2004, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

Guide to NFL Gameday 2004 on the PlayStation 2

NFL players come to life with NFL Game Day 2004. New player models recreate your favorite stars in intricate detail from head to toe. The attention to detail is unparalleled. Each player is replicated to exact height, weight and body proportions including actual faces of 180 star players. Players even wear the accessories that make them look different than other players. Lead your favorite team from pre-season games all the way to Super Bowl Sunday with this amazing football game from 989 Sports.

Not only does NFL GameDay 2004 look like a Super Bowl champion, but the game offers incredible authenticity and unmatched excitement. Enhanced intelligence has been implemented to make the computer think just like the pros. Both offensive and defensive players will read and react to different formations and pick up on the human opponents tendencies.

With enhanced motion blending technology, allowing for seamless animation transitions which help capture the power and speed of the NFL. In addition, new player models were developed as each NFL player has been recreated in amazing detail to look exactly like his real life counterpart. Stadium models have also been greatly improved as new lighting and textures and interactive crowds have been applied to make the user feel truly part of the action.

The playbooks were completely redesigned, allowing gamers the opportunity to run everything from the West Coast offense to the Zone Coverage defense.

Your NFL Gameday 2004 Wish List ?

If you have views on a feature or aspect that you would like to see included in 'NFL Gameday 2004' or future sequels of this game, we would love to hear from you. Better still we will pass on the very best of these ideas to the developers of the games and who knows, your wish may be granted..!

Click here to send us your ideas about NFL Gameday 2004.

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